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Rosalyn Sandoval González


Heredia, Costa Rica

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Spanish Native

English Conversational

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Every day 10:00 - 22:00 (UTC-6)
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I'm the ONE Empowering people!

My areas of expertise
  • Kitchen & BBQ masters
    • Delifit
    • Healthylove
    • Easyfast
  • Life coaches
    • Understanding
    • Motivated
    • listening
    • Introspective
    • Emotional connection
    • Love/ work/ school
  • Teachers & tutors
    • Word
    • Access
    • Excel
    • Power point
    • outlook
    • Email
    • Computer
    • Tapping
    • Internet
    • administration
    • Adults
    • Teenagers
    • kids
  • Language teachers
    • spanish
    • english
  • Business coaches
    • Managing people
    • Manage office
    • Improve business
    • Sales
  • Beauty & Health specialists
    • Naturalife
    • Beauticonfident
    • Mirrorpround
    • Make-up clean
  • IT & Electronics experts
    • Installing
    • Black screen
    • Blue/ death screen
    • Helping
  • Food & health trainers
    • Homme remedies
    • plants
  • Other
    • Religion
    • God
    • anthropology
Rosalyn Sandoval González 's media
Rosalyn Sandoval González 's media
Rosalyn Sandoval González 's media
Rosalyn Sandoval González 's media
Rosalyn Sandoval González 's media
About me

I grow up with my family in a small country located in central America, Costa Rica is a beautiful place without war, a place Pura Vida!, in here life is beautiful but improve our circumstances is a goal. Everyday, the life requests us to be better.
When I was a child I felt lost and confused but I always kept something in mind "I would like to help others". Teaching is a way of transforming the world, helping and understanding people, life have given me the opportunity of learning, enjoying and being creative making things by my own way. This is a ship, a trip to discover how to improve ourselves, let me give you a little ticket and inspire you to be the best version of yourself, let me empowered you!