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Virginia Jimenez

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New York County, United States

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I'm the ONE I'm the ONE who can help you be creative, articulate; and help find resources.

My areas of expertise
  • Teachers & tutors
    • English for Kids
    • Writing
    • writing stories
    • English essay
    • english
    • Theatre Arts
    • Acting
    • Dance
    • Mathematics primary secondary
    • basic tax prep
    • Creative Writing
    • poetry
    • Essay editing
    • essay writing
    • grammar
    • sentence structure
    • Math help
    • math up to highschool
    • credit card usage
  • Consultants
    • Education
    • Communication
    • child development
    • organization
    • Events
    • hiring musicians
  • Life coaches
    • Communication
    • pep talks
    • child development
  • Financial & legal advisors
    • taxreturns
    • credit advice
  • Local people
    • New York City
    • upper manhattan
  • Other
    • blues dancing
  • Creatives & designers
    • Writing reviews
    • Writing
    • Storytelling
    • Outline
    • Theatre studies
    • Theatre
    • Drama/ Improvisation
About me

I'm a writer, dancer and educator in New York City. I am very passionate about education and pedagogy, so I love to teach and I love talking about teaching! I teach dance and theater, and the way I teach them is to supplement social skills and creativity. I love improvisation, devising work, monologue coaching, character work and so much more. I think theater is a great way to practice life skills.

Though writing for the performing arts is what I'm most passionate about, I love storytelling in all its forms: poetry, short stories, essays, blogs, novels, graphic novels, movies, TV shows, etc. Grammar is something I regularly attach myself to, as well as learning new words - the more you know about words and how to string them together, the more you can play, be creative and be articulate.

Mathematics is an huge area of interest for me. I enjoy the pure science of math with it's finite definitions and yet, there are often many creative ways to discover the answers, perform functions and discuss how to interpret the world of math. I love to help people discover and understand it because I believe that everyone should be excited about this beautiful thing, when most often people are frustrated by it.

I also like to talk about money - because it's something we all need and because it's not a subject in school. I manage all of my own debt, prepare my own (sometimes complicated) taxes. I'm not an expert, but I can certainly give you a head start and help you find the resources you need!

Dancing is my primary hobby, and I also teach it. I work with both children and adults. My focus is primarily on partner dancing. My primary dance is blues dancing, and it's a wonderful thing! If you're looking to get comfortable in your own body, I can help!