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I'm the ONE I'm Online Arabic language Tutor for non-Native Speakers

My areas of expertise
  • Local people
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  • Beauty & Health specialists
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  • IT & Electronics experts
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  • Musicians & singers
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  • Creatives & designers
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  • Teachers & tutors
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  • Language teachers
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About me

I genuinely enjoy teaching, Teaching Arabic language for non-native speakers, Coordinator and teacher in the special program, including the preparation of educational materials and exams in various Language skills. I keep the students interested in learning by creating interactive lesson plans in easy way to the students.
I’m an Arabic language educator of Egyptian Nationality and I have experience in teaching Arabic for 20 years.
I'm an undergraduate form Alexandria University, Egypt,and I have taught English, Arabic and Religious.
I'm an author of some dictionaries. and helped in writing several books.
I have taught students as young as 3 years old and up to the age of 65 years old,and I like teaching fun classes where students feel comfortable and enjoy the lessons.
- Teaching Arabic
- Making test for students
- Deciding the level of the students in Arabic
- Making syllabus
- Preparing daily, weekly, and monthly materials for teaching
- Making bank questions for preparation of students' test.
- Creating an Arabic record for listening test
- Looking for an appropriate movie and video for the students