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Angelo Cacchione

video editor

Greater London, United Kingdom

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Italian Native

English Native

Spanish Conversational

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I'm the ONE Problem Solver ! stuck in need of a fresh perspective , the i'm the ONE .

My areas of expertise
  • Local people
    • italian
    • Italian translator
    • Product developer
    • Product testing
    • 3D CAD
    • 3D printing
    • Prototyping
    • plumber
    • Foodie
    • Health life longevity
    • Product brainstorming
    • Tester
    • Ideas
    • FnB shop administrator
    • parenting
    • Child minding
    • Idea creator
    • Inventor
    • McGuyver
    • Fitness
    • Internal designer
    • repairs
About me

Problem solving is my skill , as an ideator, creator, innovator and inventor i like to help anyone with any predicement or ambition they may have .
father of two i help my girls with their school project and studies , part time ideator and inventor , i can assist and provide ideas and suggestions to improve your concept idea .
have done several jobs over the years , helped redesign and rebuild homes for friends and family .
have experience as a plumber, decorator , interior designer .
love repairs and improving products.
looking forward to solving any riddles you may throw my way :)