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Loudoun County, United States

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English Native

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I'm the ONE Who can help you in many areas.

My areas of expertise
  • Life coaches
    • Self Emprovement
    • Motivate
    • inspire
    • Destiny
    • purpose
    • advice
    • wise counsel
    • positive thoughts
    • hopeful thinking
    • words of affirmation
    • Love life Advice
  • Language teachers
    • english
    • esol
    • learn English
    • Study english
    • Conversational English
    • lets talk
    • lets speak
    • english chat
    • English teacher
  • Beauty & Health specialists
    • Healthy Recipes
    • home remedies
    • vegetarian recipes
    • weightloss tips
    • fasting
    • Intermittent Fasting
    • Davids fast
    • Dry fast
    • Gym buddy
    • workout gear
    • Dance
    • dancing
    • dancing workout
    • dance fitness
    • cardio dance
  • Other
    • understand your dreams
    • visions
    • Dreams
    • Understanding
    • advice
    • Counselor
    • Wisdom
    • God
    • Prayer
  • Local people
    • asburn
    • va
  • Sports & fitness trainers
    • Workout
    • Exercise
  • Food & health trainers
    • vegan recipes
  • Alternative science specialists
    • spiritual guidance
Shauny Writes's media
Shauny Writes's media
Shauny Writes's media
Shauny Writes's media
Shauny Writes's media
Shauny Writes's media
About me

My number one passion is to work with people one on one to help them understand and pursue their true passion and calling. Yet I have experience in a variety of areas. I am an expert in dream interpretation. I can help you to understand and overcome your nightmares. Have questions about other things related to the spirit world. I have your answer! I also have over 30 years experience caring for children and the elderly, as well as children and adults with disabilities. I have experience in car sales (I will teach you the secret to getting an excellent deal on a new car.) I am an excellent cook and I create delicious recipes on the fly. I also teach many other subjects Online English, and Social Media growth hacking/brand marketing, just to name a few.