We’re the ONEs to who love to teach you yoga, meditation and other kind of wellness activities. If you looking for a yoga or meditation teacher, we’re the ONEs to help you out through a live video connection.

It’s easy to find your yoga or meditation expert. Scroll the list or simply fill in your needs in the search bar. You can also find your experts on the map. And once you select ONE of us, we’re just ONE call away to be at your assistance.

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LC will be available in 12 hours 38 mins
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Lesego will be available in 1 days 8 hours 38 mins
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Ahmad will be available in 1 days 9 hours 38 mins
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Cynthia will be available in 1 days 12 hours 38 mins
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Michaela will be available in 15 hours 38 mins
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Roxanne will be available in 1 days 9 hours 38 mins
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Ahmed will be available in 1 days 9 hours 38 mins
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Anna will be available in 1 days 15 hours 38 mins

There are many kinds of yoga. For example: Hatha yoga, Iyengar yoga, Kundalini yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Bikram yoga, Yin yoga, Restorative yoga, Prenatal yoga, Anusara yoga and Jivamukti yoga. Is almost impossible to master them all. That is why so many people offer their yoga expertise at TheONE. Through a live video connection you can contact any yoga expert and learn the perfection of the pose.

Now you can sit at home behind your screen and get lessons from the best of the best yoga teachers. And you only pay per minute. Yoga masters from all over the world signed up to teach you the mastery of their expertise at any time and any place you desire.

TheONE also offers many meditation teachers. They love to share the art of meditation or just make you calm and relaxed while meditating with you from a distance. You pay per minute for a meditation through live video interaction what makes it the most cheap and easiest way to try out different kind of meditations.

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