I'm the ONE met mijn specifieke know how en laat andere daar graag (mis)gebruik van maken!’

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About me


A man learning by doing! Pragmatic setting. As with luggage; specific (Direct) Marketing. Marketing training with several specialized evening classes , attending international (direct) marketing symposium, marketing and sale meetings, readings and work study days. Multiple contacts with several foreign sister clubs in Europe and America, the mother company Bertelsmann and several national and international companies and organizations.

Large interest in marketing - publicity aspects in the broadest sense of the word. Specialist in Direct Marketing - Mail order - Telemarketing. Knowledge and experience
with new developments. E-commerce and Telemarketing / Call centers / Retail.

Academic work level and thinking, an initiating institution and a high emotional intelligence. Works motivating. People Management, at both horizontally and vertical level is a congenital property.

The appropriate communicative skills, analytical way of thinking, executive capacities. Large stoicism, in a flexible way, well organized, immune to stress. Costs aware. In short; doing by learning!

Record of more than 35 years of experience in combining strategic thinking and marketing action. Main expertise in media sector. Able to identify new innovative solutions to business opportunities and to make things happen. Understanding of the lifetime value of customers (acquisition, retention, loyalty). Attracted to complexity of businesses with multiple (media) products and services to segmented customer base. Believes in inspirational and economical impact of creativity in a company.

Direct Marketing, business development, investment management, lifetime value marketing, corporate planning, new business, change management and Online Marketing.