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Maral Kojayan

I'm the ONE Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapist. Based on scientific understanding.

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My areas of expertise

Personal coaching: #Solution focused Hypnocoach #Motivation and Self Control #Confidence #Personal development #Focus #gaining control

Alternative science: #Hypnotherapy #Solution Focused Hypnotherapy #Neuroscience #Anxiety #unwanted habits #phobias #Clinical Hypnotherapy #Hypnobirthing #Hearing inner voice

Food/health: #weight management #Eating disorders recovery #eating healthy #insomnia #obsessions #Anxiety #stress

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Maral Kojayan

Government of Rotterdam, Netherlands

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About me

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist because I love helping people to help themselves make amazing shifts and transformations to get the most out of life.

I have my degrees from two prestigious British universities (Durham & Sussex) and I have received my Hypnotherapy diplomas from the leading accredited centre in UK basing their method on mainstream science.

I also love dance and own a successful tango school in London.

I am now loving live in Rotterdam with my family.

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