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Pash Robert

eBay Seller/gardener

I'm the ONE eBay seller and backyard veggie gardener.

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My areas of expertise

Local guide: #los angeles #Orange county

Gardening: #Growing Herbs #Growing Vegetables #Soil Structure #Composting #Improving Soil #Beetle Grubs #Pests

Business coaching: #Ebay #LEGO #Selling LEGO #Hard-to-Find LEGO #Buying LEGO

Consultancy: #Ebay selling #Tax threshold for eBay sellers #Shipping #Packaging #USPS Shipping Supplies #Saving money on shipping

Pash Robert - eBay Seller/gardener
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Pash Robert

eBay Seller/gardener

Los Angeles County, United States

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Pash will be available in 7 hours 17 mins



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About me

Ive been selling on eBay for over a decade, specializing in hard to find LEGO sets and pieces. I also have a ton of experience buying from secondhand stores to sell on eBay. If you have any questions about sourcing, packing, shipping, finding deals, or any LEGO related question, I'm your guy.

Im also an avid vegetable and herb gardener. Over a period of years, I've turned my hard clay soil into a rich loam. ask me any questions about growing vegetables or herbs, or improving soil structure through composting and other means.

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