I'm the ONE To help you deal with overwhelming emotions to get you to a place of peace!

My areas of expertise

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About me

Hi, I'm Paulema and I help you deal with overwhelming emotions and situations to get you to a place of peace whilst creating an authentic life you love.

I have navigated my own journey from fire fighting big emotions and situations to finding myself, living a more peaceful life and attracting wonderful situations/people.

So I now help others to do the same!

To help you futher know if we are a great match here are the crucial things you need to know about me and how I practice:

- I believe we are connected to the Universe/God
- I believe we create our realities
- I believe in mirroring your greatness
- I believe in also showing you difficult areas that you could heal so you can grow
- I use and recommend various healing modalities such as crystal healing.

So if you are going through a situation or you are dealing some deep emotions and I sound like a good fit for you then give me a call!