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Ruben Martinez


I'm the ONE who loves to travel and create video content for youtube. +politics

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My areas of expertise

Teaching: #Politics #english #Esl #spanish

Language: #english #spanish #Esl

Other: #travel #Travel advise #travelling #Youtube #Video edit #Finalcutpro #Final cut pro x

IT & Electronics: #Imovie #Gopro

Local guide: #California #United Kingdom #Italy #Europe

Personal coaching: #motivation #motivating #Motivational speaking

Food/health: #Mexican food

Arts & crafts: #video editing

Ruben Martinez - Traveller
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Ruben Martinez


Tulare County, United States

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About me

A bit about myself, I am from California and have my degree in political science from Sonoma State University. While in college I was involved in a greek organisation where i picked up leadership skills.
I love to travel and meet new people. i have traveled to about 20 countries and hope to travel to another 20 by the end of next year.
I also have a youtube channel where i document my travels with awesome trafel videos.
Currently I am living in Italy while working as an English teacher
And lastly, I also enjoy motivational speaking and motivating others to reach their furthest potential.
-i can provide travel advice and provides places to visit and things to do

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