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Salim Haddad

Personal fitness & health trainer

I'm the ONE who can help you to reach your health, fitness or shape goal in an easy and personal way at home, in the park or from a distance via live video

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My areas of expertise

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Personal coaching: #discipline #dedication #prevent bullying #Life coaching

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Salim Haddad - Personal fitness & health trainer
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Salim Haddad

Personal fitness & health trainer

Government of Amsterdam, Netherlands

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About me

I'm a professional boxing champion from Sirie who is now devoted to helping other people to reach their health, fitness or shape goals in a personal way. I come to you at home, we can go to train in the park or anywhere you want.

I always trained for my own goals in a spartan way and learned that food is as important as the training. My aim is your goal. Just call me or send me a message to make an appointment for an introduction lesson. You can book me privately or with a group or join one of my group training on Tuesday and Thursday evening in The Westerpark. Starting at 19:00.

my reviews (1)

Ben Steenstra

Amstelveen, Netherlands





I have training for 12 days in a row now and the difference is amazing. feeling much more energetic already. Salim makes me work hard but in a very motivational way

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