I'm the ONE I am a professional music producer, sound engineer and musician

My areas of expertise

Music #music producer #Music-making #musical language #music industry #Music theory

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About me

I have my own recording studio and I am mainly working as a mixing/mastering engineer and a producer. I am also a recording engineer and a musician.

I have a college degree in sound engineering and I have been working in a big studio with analog gear for several years before opening my own studio.

I love to share some tips, advices, techniques on tracking, mixing, music production, composing and whatnot. I developped my own kind of philosophy for producing music where the artist and his performance is at the center of attention. Which implies creating an environement and conditions where the artists will feel at ease and confident so they can provide the best performance possible. Whithout neglecting sound quality.

I also play guitar and keyboards and I am a big synthesizer nerd.