I'm the ONE that teaches math, physics, Chinese and helps you deal with your computer.

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IT & Electronics #Android #Operating system setup #Computer troubleshooting #Linux #windows #Partitioning #Microsoft Office

Teaching #math #Physics #Chinese literature

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About me

Hello! I am a high school student from China. I live in Fuzhou now. As you know, math and physics are much harder here than in some countries, so I can teach you high school math and physics without any problem. Of course I can teach you Chinese as well as Chinese literature, history, culture, etc. Also, I learned computer by myself. I can help you install the first or a second or a third or a fourth OS on the same computer and even a portable drive. Changing the OS on an Android device is also possible. And if you see strange things happen on your computer or Android device, just ask me. I will figure it out.