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I'm the ONE I'm the ONE aspiring editor/publisher who wants to be as involved as possible.

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About me

My name is Robin! I am (almost) 22 years old and have had a huge interest in music (specifically alternative/"weird") bands and artists for as long as I can remember. Twenty One Pilots is my all-time favorite band, and consists of some of my favorite people. I owe them a lot more than I can ever repay; aside from that, they got me looking into lyrics/music from other bands and artists that I may have overlooked before. I am extremely passionate about music and artists, as well as writing, being an advocate, animal lover, and strive tor keep an open mind. I come from a big(ger) family-- I am kid number 4 out of 5! All of my siblings and I are extremely close, and they are some of my biggest inspirations and best friends. You'll also learn that I am an avid tattoo lover/enthusiast!

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