Kitchen & BBQ

We’re the ONEs to who know all about food and BBQ. If you want to learn how to cook, need a specific recipe or if you want to know the best barbeque tips and trick, we’re the ONEs to support you through live video interaction.

It’s easy to find your food and BBQ expert. Scroll the list or simply fill in your needs in the search bar. You can also find your food and BBQ expert on the map. And once you select ONE of us, we’re just ONE call away to be at your assistance.

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Sure, Google can help you out if you are in need of a fancy recipe or if you need inspiration for that diner for 8. But why not consider to call the chef cook and ask for advice through live video interaction? Instant knowledge directly from the people passionate about food and the BBQ.

People from all over the world signed up at TheONE to share their knowledge and they are only 1 click away. Tell them your wish and they advice you instantly. Call the Thai food master for a delicious curry soup or ask advice from the local Mexican chef for that spicy taco. With TheONE you have access to unlimited knowledge from every kitchen in the world.

Learn how to make that meat soft and tasty on your barbeque. Master the magic of Indonesian salads or get inspired to create a dish you did not even knew it exists. Enter the world of food with the help of our kitchen and BBQ expert and nothing will taste the same anymore.

Calling the ONEs who know all about food and BBQ is easy, fast and cheap. You pay by the minute during a live video connection and all our experts are open to share all their knowledge and secrets about the way they prepare food.

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