Cooking tips and lessons

Have you always wanted to cook better or make a special dish? Thanks to the tips and lessons from cooking enthusiasts on TheONE you now have direct access to the best tips and cooking lessons. And the best part is that you don't even have to leave the house. With CallTheONE, you can contact someone anywhere in the world via video calling and the person will be there to talk to you right away.

The first minute is free, and then you pay a small amount per minute for learning the best dishes or the best cooking tips.

Learn how to make the most delicious dishes right away

Will you soon have guests you want to surprise, or do you want to learn how to cook in a more varied way? Then call a cooking expert from the country of your choice. For example, call someone from India to use the most delicious spices. Or talk to someone from Paris to learn a dish from the exciting French cuisine. TheONE is active in more than 90 countries, so there is always someone available.

The advantages of online cooking lessons via TheONE

  • You only pay for as long as the call lasts
  • You decide for yourself who can teach you
  • Unlimited number of cooking styles and recipes
  • Most cooking enthusiasts are directly accessible

What can you learn about cooking from cooking enthusiasts and cooks on TheONE?

All cooking enthusiasts and cooks at TheONE share a passion for cooking and recipes. Because there are offerings from over 90 countries, what you can learn about cooking and dishes is almost unlimited. Every question you have can be answered immediately. For example:

  • How do you cook varied vegetarian?
  • What are the best vegan recipes
  • How to make the tastiest Thai Curry?
  • What is a typical Kenyan dish?
  • How to decorate a cake?
  • How to clean your kitchen equipment?
  • Have to have a healthy barbecue meal?

Cooking lessons from a local resident in the country of origin

Cooking lessons from someone who lives in a country where the dish comes from is always a unique experience. Sometimes there are just slightly different ingredients used, or the way of cooking is somewhat different than you are used to.

While you're cooking, the local resident will be watching through your camera, and you can see each other and talk to each other. It can be done via your SmartPhone or your computer. If you want to show an ingredient that you don't have in the house yet, you can share your screen. That way, the other person knows exactly what you mean.

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