We’re the ONEs who are passionate about teaching. If you looking for a teacher, we’re the ONEs to help you out through a live video connection.

It’s easy to find your teacher. Scroll the list or simply fill in your needs in the search bar. You can also find your teacher on the map. And once you select ONE of us, we’re just ONE call away to be at your assistance.

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Did you ever consider homeschooling for you or your kids? Due to the huge diversity of teachers within TheONE, you can now learn about any subject you want. Need homeschooling for math, science or wanna learn a new language? Within TheONE you always find the best match.

You decide when and where you wanna learn due to the live video interaction and the best thing: you pay per minute!

You can learn your favorite language from someone who is native and lives at the other side of the world because live video teaching doesn`t know any borders. And if you have kids, you know what we mean by saying that they deserve the best and only the best. Scroll through the huge list of teachers and select the ONE you like most. Give it a try because the first minute is free!

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