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You will find management models and frameworks in abundance at Management Gurus. Management models and frameworks help you to tackle a business problem in a strategic way.


Management models on management gurus

We have already elaborated the following management models for you:

We continue to add management models and frameworks on a regular basis.

What is a management model?

Management models help managers to analyze a management problem in a structured way. A management model is therefore often referred to as a management framework. A framework can help you approach the problem from different perspectives and can ensure that no important perspectives are forgotten. The management models discussed on this site are usually developed by scientists or highly experienced managers. That, of course, does not mean that you have to accept everything directly as true. Models may apply well or less well per situation, branch, and type of company.

What type of management models are there?

Management models are available for every discipline within business administration. Within this website we offer management models for the following disciplines:

  • Marketing models - Marketing management models help marketers determine their marketing strategy.
  • Economic models - These are management models to analyze economic situations.
  • HRM models - These are models in the field of personnel management and motivation.
  • Product innovation models - Models that help develop good new products.

We will continue to add management models to the site on a regular basis. Is there a management model that you would like to use on your own website or in a report or presentation, then you are free to use it. A reference to management gurus is appreciated. Of course, we work out all models as carefully as possible. However, if you come across something that is incorrect or would like to supplement, please contact Rick de Vlieger.

We hope you enjoy this website.

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