Project management skills

Learn and enhance your project management skills from experienced project managers via live video calling. If you are in instant need of a project manager for a project or if you want advice on how to start a project, contact one of the project managers at TheONE now. You call them via a Live Video connection and you can immediately get acquainted while you see each other. You pay per minute for the duration of the call and the first minute is free.

Project management skills and support

Project management is the art of completing a task or objective within a pre-agreed time limit and within a set framework. Each project manager prefers its own approach and because project managers from all over the world are affiliated with TheONE, there is always a project manager who meets your requirements. Do you have an urgent question or challenge? Then stop Googling and contact an experienced project manager now!

The larger a project is, the more complex it becomes and the more skills you need to make it happen. Experienced project managers have different tools and models to steer each project in the right direction. Because the progress of a project can never be fully predicted, project managers from TheONE use their experience to be able to anticipate to your demands.

The basis of project management

Project management always starts with good preparation. If you want tips or advice on how you can approach a project, please contact a TheONE project management specialist directly. Some basic tips about project management are:

Clear goals and preconditions

You want to know for sure to be able to measure whether the project is successful. When is the project completed and what exactly must it meet?

Main project and subprojects

To keep an overview, it is wise to divide a project into different subprojects, each with its own preconditions.

Well-arranged planning.

By setting out the subprojects on a timeline for your time management, dependencies and critical paths can be mapped. Capacity can also be allocated to the subprojects.

Risk analysis

For larger projects, it is wise to make a risk analysis for each subproject and to name the largest risks. This prevents you from having to anticipate unexpectedly and ad hoc and you are already prepared for possible setbacks.

Progress reports

In order to provide all stakeholders and the client with timely and proper information, it is important to make use of clear and frequent progress reports.

Remote project managers

Many projects, and in particular small projects, can easily be managed remotely. Thanks to the live video connection and the screen sharing function, you can easily share and discuss schedules and progress reports. Meetings via live video calls are usually shorter and more efficient and it also saves travel time that can be used to work on the project.

TheONE expert app

Via TheONE expert app you can always contact a project manager whenever and wherever you want to discuss your project challenges or just to get some quick advice. You pay per minute and the first minute is free.

Project management skills and advice from real professionals

If you want to supervise your own project yourself, but you do not know exactly which tools to use, you can easily seek advice from a project management professional. He or she will tell you how you can approach the project and if you get stuck, you simply ask for advice again. At the same time, you are simply enhancing your own project management skills.

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