From raw material to a bottle of booze

Most of us can enjoy some alcohol once in a while. This might be a shot of bourbon, a nice cocktail, or just simply a bottle of beer at home. When we think of alcohol, we think of good times, good vibes, laughter, and fun. Some of us have never wondered what kind of ingredients go into our drinks. Some of us specifically choose organic drinks and others are just a little curious about how the alcohol we drink is made. The questions we might ask ourselves are questions like: how does alcohol become sweet? Do production companies make sure that our beverages are organically produced? How do you turn raw materials into liquid booze? These are all valid questions. Would you like to know more about this process? In this article, we will give you the answers to the questions above. Are you getting more curious? Read on quickly.

The sweetness of sugar cane in organic alcohol production

Sugar cane is a native in places with tropical climates or warm temperatures. It has many health benefits such as its ability to give us instant energy, having a positive effect on our liver, easing the digestive system, supporting people with diabetes and it is known for helping the body fight cancer due to the concentration of calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and manganese. Aside from all these positive benefits, sugar cane is a natural sweetener. Knowing all of this, it is not surprising that sugar cane is used in organic alcohol production. Organic cane alcohol is the base for many types of spirits. A few examples are Organic rum and organic cachaça. Because organic sugar cane alcohol is used for different kinds of spirits such as the bitter ones to different kinds of tropical spirits, these products can target many markets. Aside from this, these kinds of alcohol make sure to also play a role in markets that are focused on organic spirits specifically. The cool thing about organic sugar is that it goes beyond the alcohol industry because it is also used in preservatives, the fragrance industry, the production of vinegar, and the food industry of course.

Organically produced alcohol

When you think of organically produced alcohol, you might think that that type of alcohol is produced naturally. And you are right! They are made from a special kind of grain. Organic grain alcohol is made from grains that are grown without pesticides, artificial fertilizers, food additives, and ionizing radiation. This is done to make sure that the production follows strict guidelines for organic production set by the European Union and the USDA. This type of organic grain is used to make alcoholic beverages such as different types of liqueur or whiskeys. While making these types of alcohol organic production companies make sure that the original botanical taste of the ingredients stays intact. This means that you will be able to taste this in your alcoholic drink. This is achieved by using organic grain alcohol as a raw material for beverages, spirits, and other distillates.

Why do we drink organic alcohol?

We already know that organically produced alcohol is better. Not many of us have a deep understanding of why we want to drink organically produced alcohol over non-organic produced alcohol. One reason to drink organic alcohol is to make sure that your drinks are free from harmful chemicals. As we previously mentioned, organic alcohol also has a more rich taste. True alcohol consumers can spot this difference, and rather choose organic drinks because it tastes better. We also know that products that are organically produced are a little more expensive than non-organic products, though the production companies make sure to keep prices close to non-organic drinks. This way you can still choose the better option. Choosing organic alcoholic beverages will also have a positive impact on your morals because you know that you choose the best option while still enjoying a drink, and knowing that it is a little healthier. These are all valid reasons to pick organic alcohol over non-organic drinks. Because you have read this article, you now know why drinking an organic beverage is better.

In conclusion, we now know how sugar cane is used in the organic production of alcoholic drinks. Organic sugar cane is used in different kinds of spirits. From the bitter-tasting ones to different tropical kinds of drinks. Organic grain alcohol is used in different liquors and whiskeys. Enjoying organic alcoholic beverages is healthier because it doesn’t have harmful chemicals and it also tastes better.

Victor Demmendal Victor Demmendal
13-06-2022 4 mins read
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