Vegans do not eat animals, products from animals such as eggs and milk and avoid all products for which animals are used such as leather and wool. As a vegan, it is sometimes difficult to live by your principles because animal products are used in an enormous number of products that we use or consume. For example, think of medicines.

If you want to know more about veganism or talk to someone about veganism, contact a vegan specialist on CallTheONE. You can setup a call via live video connection. The first minute you pay nothing and after that you automatically pay per minute.

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The main motivation for becoming and staying vegan is to avoid animal suffering. By eating completely plant-based food, you prevent an animal suffering directly or indirectly through your actions. In addition, many vegans believe that it is also better for the environment and your own health.

Vegans are not always understood by everyone and that can lead to resistance. Certainly if, for example, you are the only person in your family who is a veganist.

Becoming a vegan with support from other vegans

Vegans on CallTheONE are happy to give you information and support if you want to become a vegan. They know the pros and cons and know what it's like to live in a world where vegans are in a minority. They can tell you what to look out for and often know a lot about how animals suffer to provide people with food.

Why call a vegan via TheONE?

All the information you need as a vegan can be found on the Internet. But sometimes you come across conflicting information and reading all articles takes a lot of time. The benefits of TheONE are:

  • Direct contact with a vegan who answers all your questions
  • Calling via a Live Video Connection
  • Pay per minute for as long as the call lasts

Ask a vegan

There is a lot involved if you are a vegan. What do you do if you need medication and are not sure whether it has been tested on animals? Sometimes that information is difficult to retrieve. That is why there are vegans who would like to share very specific information with you. You can go to CallTheONE for questions such as:

  • Which medicines have been tested on animals
  • Which cleaning products are animals involved in?
  • Which makeup and care products should I not use
  • What disadvantages does veganism have?

Vegans are passionate about how they deal with the world and they usually read a lot about the subject. Get informed and educated about how you can go through life as a vegan and call a vegan at CallTheONE.

What to do if you are the only vegan in your family

If you are the only vegan in your family you want others to take you into account. You may come under pressure from your family who think you are too principled or even being bullied. This often comes from misunderstanding and ignorance about veganism. By talking to other vegans you can deal better with the resistance of your family.

Tips how to deal with resistance to veganism

  • Don't argue. Explain what you believe in.
  • Collect information so that you can learn more about the subject
  • Respect that others may have a different belief
  • Don't be tempted to eat what you don't want
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