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More and more people decide to become a vegetarian. In America, it is estimated that between 6 and 8 million people are vegetarians. On CallTheONE, vegetarians have signed up to share their knowledge and recipes with you via video calling.

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What does a vegetarian eat?

Vegetarians don't eat animals, so they don't eat meat or fish. Stringent vegetarians don't even eat that which comes from an animal. We call these people Vegans. There are also moderate vegetarians; they avoid meat products but are not fundamentally opposed to it.

Why do people become vegetarians?

Many people become vegetarians because of the health benefits, the animal interest, the preservation of nature, or a combination of these. The 10 most common reasons to become a vegetarian are:

1. Preventing a heart attack. The risk of a heart attack is reduced because you eat less saturated fat so that your cholesterol levels remain low.

2. Cancer prevention. It is proven that vegetarians, on average, get cancer less often.

3. Weight loss. Vegetarians are on average slimmer than the rest of the population and also stay slim after they have lost weight.

4. To live longer. A 12-year study by Oxford University and a study by Loma Linda University have both shown that vegetarians live on average seven years longer than the rest of the population.

5. Reducing the intake of bacteria, parasites and hormones. Many animals carry bacteria and parasites that we consume when we eat meat. In some cases, hormones are also added to the food of animals that are fed to carnivores.

6. Reducing global warming. Animal feces make a significant contribution to global warming.

7. Economic benefits. Due to an unhealthy lifestyle, the average government spends a lot of money on health care. By living healthier, this costs the government less.

8. Contributing to solving starvation. Almost every four seconds someone dies of starvation. Most of these are children under the age of 5. If all the food in the world were given to people instead of animals, we would have 70% more food. With this, 4 billion more people can get food at their disposal.

9. Love and compassion for animals. There are still cruelties in the slaughter of animals. The question is whether people are entitled to kill animals to satisfy their hunger.

10. Vegetarian meals are delicious and varied. There are countless vegetarian dishes, and there are even fast food and vegetarian curries in the vegetarian kitchen.

What are the dangers of vegetarian food?

As a vegetarian, you can eat just as balanced and varied as a non-vegetarian. If you eat too monotonously, you will not get the right or insufficient amount of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. That is bad for our health.

By replacing meat with vegetables, you get plant-based protein instead of meat-based protein. Make sure you eat enough protein. In this article, you will read how.

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Famous people who didn't eat meat

There are many famous people in the past and today who, out of different convictions, did not eat meat and call themselves vegetarians. Some examples are:

Pythagoras: He believed that as long as we can slaughter animals, we also remain able to slaughter each other.

Buddha: He thought it was more important to prevent animal suffering than to talk to the priest about problems in the world.

Gandhi: He thought the life of an animal was just as important as the life of a human being.

Albert Einstein: He believed that a man is not a born carnivore.

Paul McCartney: Like Gandhi, he believes that the life of an animal is just as important as that of a human being.

Steven Jobs: He believed that you live healthier and longer as a vegetarian.

Brad Pitt: He is a true animal activist and doesn't eat meat because of that conviction.

Information about vegetarian food or becoming a vegetarian: Do you want to know more about vegetarian food, or do you want tips or advice? Get instant information from vegetarians on CallTheONE. They will be happy to help you.

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