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Create a profile page to start sharing your knowledge. Tell and show a bit about yourself and your areas of expertise so the ONEs are able to find you.

Add as many tags as you want. Don't be shy. You don't have to be a professional at everything. Sometimes a good advice can come from a very experienced person.

profile yourself for free to the world
  • profile picture / cover image
  • photo's / video's
  • job description / expertises
  • your story
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  • your webinars
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  • blog articles
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  • availablity


share your screen

live video

Instant personal face-to-face contact with the caller.
And sometimes looking along with the caller’s camera can directly show the potential problem at hand.

call me back

"call me back"

Don't worry if you can't pick up a call instantly. He or she might give you a Call back request. This way you can call back whenever you've got the time - on the callers expense.

in app/site messaging

in app/site messaging

We understand that sometimes people are afraid to call instantly via live video. Therefore we enable people to first send a message or make an appointment via our in app/site messaging feature.

mutual ratings

mutual ratings

One of the ways we assure the quality of our community is by mutual rating after each call. By sharing their expertise, everyone can help others to find the right qualified expert. So put on your friendly face, to make sure you get good reviews.

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