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We believe that everyone has some knowledge to share and of course that is worth some money. How much you want to earn is up to you. You can choose to share you knowledge for free, get paid per minute or charge a fixed price.

this is how easy you can make money on theone

step 1.
profile yourself

After you signed up you automatically created your own profile page. Make sure you tell people what you are good at by filling in your profession and what you do.
By adding hashtags people can find you more easy when searching for a specific expertise. Also add some photos or movies that express your expertise and experience.

step 2.
earn with video calls

Promote your profile and expertise to your own network.
Use your social media accounts to share your personal link to let people know that you are available to offer your services via TheONE.

step 3.
earn with webinars

You can create a webinar for free and invite people to join.
We will help you to invite people by letting our community know about your webinar.

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step 4.
get promoted for free

Let Google promote your profile for free and get more clients.
All completed profiles are ranked by Google. Because of this, people from all over the world will find you and your expertise within the Google search results. Make sure that you tell as much as possible about yourself to help Google rank you. Also keep in mind that Google needs time to rank you in the search results.

is theone completely free of charge?

TheONE is free of charge when you sign up and create a profile. We do however charge 10% commission on each call or webinar income. That’s how we can maintain our platform and offer you all these great benefits.

If you are a professional webinar host and need more than 3 hours of webinar hosting per month, we also charge additional costs. Check our pricing here.

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