Who is the naughtiest boy in the class?

Peter was friends with everyone in his class, but there was one very annoying boy among them. One of those who bully harasses and takes pocket money from everyone. Together with a few boys from a higher class, they put this annoying boy in his place and had him expelled from school. This created peace and children were able to play happily with each other again. But of course, it did not happen without a struggle. Peter was given a lot of spanking by that annoying boy, but in the end, he won the battle.

To prevent it from happening again that one child could be so annoying, Peter decided to make a group of friends. Everyone who became a member would get protection, but the boys in the higher class thought so too. They, too, wanted a protection group on the condition that everyone would donate 2% of their monthly pocket money for protection.

So two different groups came into being. And if you belonged to one, you certainly did not belong to the other. Those were the bad boys.

Stick together as a group

Peter firmly believed that you have to stick together as a group in order to be strong against naughty boys. But the self-appointed leaders of the other group wanted to recruit some extra members in order to get even more pocket money. By promising lots of ice creams and cakes, one after the other of Peter's friends decided to join the other group. For Peter, this was no problem because before all this happened he was happy too. After all, he had only wanted to help send the annoying boy away from school.

But still, it bothered him a little. After all, he himself thought it would be safe and nice if the group of friends stayed together. Otherwise, all his effort and the beating he took might have been in vain. After all, wouldn't it be fair if he too could benefit a little from his initiative?

Always keep on talking

Wise and clever as Peter was, he sat down with the leaders of the other group, and together they decided that they would not accept any members from each other. Not even if one of them wanted to. Because of this decision, they lived happily ever after. Or did they....?

The fact is that the great leaders who had put themselves in that place wanted more power and a larger group. Therefore, they did not stop recruiting new members. What little Peter thought of that was not important and the agreements made were a thing of the past. We must look forward, they cried in unison. The past no longer matters! What matters is unity and 2% and working together within our little club. Fuck Peter!

Peter became sadder and sadder. Why does that little club want to take away all his friends he freed from that annoying child? Why don't they keep their agreements?

Fortunately, Peter had some very good friends in his club who understood him. One of them was very strong and clever and the other club had been trying for some time to persuade this friend to defect. If that would happen, Peter would not be happy, because it was this friend who had stood by him through thick and thin in difficult times.

Again, Peter sits down with the other club and sees that the number of self-elected leaders has grown enormously. Each one thinks of himself as more important than the other and everyone mimics each other. It hurts him that everyone has forgotten the past, but he bravely gets over it.

Stick to the agreement

To avoid a quarrel, Peter asks to leave this one friend alone and both the leaders' club and the good friend agree to this. Peter can accept that the other friends have joined, but this friend remains within the club. A deal is a deal and everyone agrees on that. Peace has returned.

While Peter cycles home satisfied, he does not see what is happening behind his back. The leaders of the other club have secretly started talking to the parents of his best friend. They have promised them golden mountains if they persuade their son to join their club.

When Peter found out about this, in a rage he decided to steal his bicycle and let all the other friends in his club use it. The ever-growing group of leaders cleverly exploited this by telling everyone that Peter was a thief, but Peter did not care. He was angry and sad that these so-called leaders had forgotten how the clubs were created and that agreements could not be undone just like that.

Never push a rat in the corner

Peter had grown up very poor. In the small room he used to share with his parents there were sometimes rats. This had taught him that you should never put a rat in a corner. That way they can make strange jumps. He had always used this lesson for friend and foe alike. But now it became exciting whether the leaders' club also knew this lesson. As Peter was in all states.

After the discussion between the parents and his best friend, his friend decided to transfer after all. The group of leaders had already organized a welcome party with clowns, DJs, and endless hot dogs and thought the matter was settled. But they had underestimated Peter.

Peter smashed down the door of the parental home and walked with a roaring voice into his friend's bedroom. While he heard his little sister crying in fear in the next room, he banged on the bedroom door to open it. But his friend did not open the door. His friend was scared and ashamed and cried out loud from the window for rescue.

The boy next door filmed this cry for help and posted it on social media, making the whole world think that Peter was a monster. But Peter is not a monster. Monsters do not exist. There are, however, very scary people. These are the people who ignore all the values that make us human and then accuse other people of being cruel.

Peter may be small, but to me Peter is Great. But don't push him into a corner, because then like every person he is capable of making strange jumps that a human being can understand, but will not be able to easily forgive.

Ben Steenstra Ben Steenstra
09-03-2022 6 mins read
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