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Can SEO be guaranteed?

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27-09-2020 4 mins read

The short answer is YES, SEO can certainly be guaranteed. The only question is to what extent. Because when it comes to achieving a specific position, this is difficult. Google itself says about it that you have to be very careful when SEO agencies claim that they can promise a certain ranking.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Guaranteeing SEO means that you will optimize both the site and the content as much as possible for the search engines to get high in the ranking.

This is similar to ensuring that you get a race car and the driver in top condition to win the race. You can guarantee that you will, but whether the race will be won depends on many more factors.

Why can't a ranking position in Google be guaranteed?

Google uses an algorithm with 220 game rules to determine which content is displayed first after completing a search query. It is often the case that the more competitors want to rank high, the more difficult it is to get into the top 10 of the search results.

The competition also does SEO and will do everything to rank higher than you. So you will have to do better on several points. A major bottleneck here is your Domain Authority (DA) and your Page Authority (PA).

Unfortunately, the DA and PA is something that an SEO agency cannot change very quickly. This takes time, a lot of high quality and relevant content, qualitative back- and internal links and a technically fully SEO optimized site.

Even if you do everything necessary in the field of SEO, the competitor is not sitting still. They will try to do everything you do and hopefully even better for them.

Choose a niche market to rank for

If you want to rank for the keyword “health”, for example, you will have to deal with millions of competitors worldwide who want that too. If you are just starting out with SEO, it is virtually impossible to rank in the top 10 on this so-called keyword within 1 to 2 years.

In that case, it is wise to choose a niche market based on thorough keyword research.

Keyword research in SEO

Keyword research provides insight into which keyword combinations are used to find certain information. For example, the search query “how do I get healthy” is typed in much more often in the search engines than “healthy sleep”. And “healthy painting” is a keyword combination that hardly anyone uses.

Using the right keywords in SEO

One of the possible SEO strategies is to use a keyword combination that still has enough search volume, but has little competition. With this, you serve a niche market of people who are looking for something very specific, who you can provide with exactly the right information.

If you manage to rank on those keywords, you can slowly expand your site content with similar keyword combinations. Because if you are able to write dozens of articles about health based on keyword combinations that are rarely used, you will build domain authority.

Google will notice that you know a lot about the subject, so you can rank faster and easier on keyword combinations that are used more often.

But beware: SEO takes time. Not weeks, sometimes months, and often years.

Finding the right SEO agency is not easy

Many SEO agencies or self-employed people see how much demand there is for SEO support. They all want to benefit from this thriving market. Even if they do not have the SEO knowledge to do the right job.

Professional SEO experts will be able to explain exactly what you can and cannot expect. They will not make promises quickly and guarantees cannot be given. Therefore, make sure you get enough references from them to find out what their long-term outcome is.

After all, SEO is not something that you just do and then is ready. On average, an SEO agency or professional must be able to demonstrate a significant improvement within 6 months.

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