How to Target and Grow Your Facebook Audience

Facebook has become one of the most impactful social media platforms for businesses of all sizes and industries. Not only that advertising on Facebook is actually extremely affordable but it is also a great environment where you can connect with new audiences that you may not have otherwise.

Data shows that Facebook has 2.375 billion active users monthly. And, 74% of these users report visiting the platform on a daily basis. Moreover, 55% of these users also claim that they use the social media platform several times a day. So, with so many active users who can be converted into buyers, it is definitely worth it to strengthen your marketing efforts on Facebook.

Yet, like it or not, there is one important thing that fuels everything about online marketing for all businesses, and that is: Traffic. If there is no traffic, businesses simply can’t make it in the digital world. And, while years ago getting traffic wasn’t such a difficult task, in today’s digital era, the competition has reached enormous sizes. So, search traffic is now more competitive than ever before.

If you keep publishing content but can’t succeed in engaging and growing your audience, here are 5 tactics that can help you attract and retain more followers than ever before.

1. Aim for good quality audience

There is one more bad news that you must know: great content simply isn’t enough to grow your Facebook audience. Attracting and growing Facebook audience requires great targeting right from the beginning. What does this mean? It means that you must identify elements including who is going to read or watch your content, what type of content engages them the best, and how to keep your audience hooked.

However, here’s the trick that most marketers fail to understand. Audience is paramount and the number of followers on your Facebook account is essential. However, what truly matters the most is to have a high-quality audience if you want to see the engagement rates growing at a rapid pace.

What distinguishes a high-quality audience from a poor-quality audience? The number of followers means nothing if it is only conceived from fake or inactive users. Those users will never engage with your posts no matter how good of quality posts you share. So, your priority when attracting and targeting your audience is to attract users that can really engage with your posts.

2. Start sharing more videos

Facebook videos are massively popular and have a larger appeal to the users compared with written content. We all know that images can speak a thousand words. But videos can do a lot more than that when it comes to engaging and attracting your target audience. According to data from TechCrunch 75 million people use the Watch feature of the social media platform to watch videos at least one minute per day.

Moreover, it seems that 62% of Facebook users are more interested in a product after seeing it in on a video on the social media platform. That being said, it comes as no surprise that one of the most effective ways to attract and grow your audience is to strengthen your video marketing efforts in your social media strategy.

Another effective trick that you need to use to grow your audience is to add captions to your Facebook videos. According to a report from Instapage, caption videos have a 16% higher reach than videos without subtitles. Why is that so? For many reasons, including the fact that many people don’t turn on audio which makes them lose their interest in the video really quick, captions improve comprehension, and viewers are far more engaged with the video when they can also read what the video is talking about.

So, captioning your videos can play a major role in how successful your videos are. You can use tools such as WoWGrade, Grammarly, BestEssayEducation and Copyscape, to create comprehensive, engaging, and 100% grammar mistake-free captions for your

3. Facebook videos.

Target your audience for certain posts Luckily, targeting isn’t only limited to paid Facebook ads. Marketers can also use this feature to target your audience at your organic posts to ensure that the right pairs of eyes will see them. This feature has become available for marketers for some time now and it seems that it has actually become really relevant and useful.

What this feature can help you do? It can help you target your potential and loyal customers by their personal details such as their age, gender, level of education, location, and interests. The feature also allows you to set a start and end date for your organic posts depending on how long you prefer them to appear in the news feed of your audience.

4. Create contests

Social media contests, be it on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, have proven to be the easiest and effective way to increase your presence quickly. Why is that so? For two very good reasons:

  • It makes your audience feel appreciated
  • Everybody likes free stuff

So, if you are looking to spice up your social media presence and attract grow your audience, contests are the way to do it. Here’s the thing with Facebook contests. They work great in engaging your audience to take the further actions you suggest them to. Should they comment on your contest post? Should they share it with their friends? Or should they tag three of their friends in the comment section of the post? Chances are that most of them will do it simply because it is easy and there is a prize to fight for.

And, you don’t have to be a math expert to realize that for every shared post or tagged friends in comments, your Facebook account is a thousand times more likely to get new followers.

Facebook contests can do wonders in helping you build brand awareness and grow your audience simply because free stuff makes potential customers feel appreciated by your brand.

5. Use other social media platforms to promote

Using your other social media accounts to direct your followers to your Facebook page is another great strategy. It can never hurt to ask your audiences on other social media platforms to like your Facebook page. For example, if you have a popular YouTube channel with many subscribers, all you have to do is to ask your audience at the end of your videos to also like your Facebook page to get more of your posts.

For a long time now, Facebook continues to be the king among the social media sites used for advertising. So, targeting and growing your audience is definitely worth the effort because any new follower can be converted into a potential customer. Use these 5 tips to attract and retain more followers than ever before.

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