Personal Fitness Trainer

Book your own Personal Fitness Trainer with you in the living room via live video interaction on CallTheONE. Pay per minute as long as the training lasts with the ease that you do not have to leave home.

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On CallTheONE Personal Fitness Trainers from all over the world are connected to give you a 1 on 1 training via live video interaction. Just in your living room, bedroom, garden or in the park when it suits you. Thanks to the video connection, you save a lot of time and you do not have to leave home for the best Workout Guidance if you do not want to.

TheONE Personal Fitness Coaches specialise in remote work via a live video connection. All you need is the Internet and a Smartphone or computer. You call in and as soon as you are ready you start your work-out together.

Do you only have five minutes? No problem, better a few minutes than no movement at all!

You pay per minute as long as you want the work-out to take place and you want to do it later in the day, which is of course no problem. You can also use different Personal Fitness Trainers because each trainer has his or her own specialisation.

The advantages of a Personal Online Fitness Trainer are countless. For instance:

  • No gym membership and your own personal trainer with full personal attention
  • Training when it suits you and where you want
  • The work-out lasts as long as you have time
  • You do not lose time by traveling back and forth to the gym
  • Wherever you are, you can start a work-out anywhere and anytime
  • Alone or doing the work-out together, you always pay the same price per minute
  • Guidance in your own language

Your Own Online Personal Fitness Trainer Is Affordable Now for Everyone!

Because the Fitness training lasts as long as you are calling, you only pay for the called minutes. So you never pay too much for lessons with no-show. No monthly subscription fees and no gym fees at all. You only pay for the Personal Guidance of the Online Personal Fitness trainer of TheONE.

More than Fitness Training From Your Own Online Personal Trainer

Fitness and a good workout is more than the exercise itself. A Personal Online Fitness Trainer gives you that little bit more so that you see faster results. The Fitness Coach from CallTheONE watches your posture, the intensity and the frequency with which you do an exercise. But you will also talk about your lifestyle and your diet.

Nutrition is important for a good work-out

They sometimes say: "you are what you eat". Do you want to be, become or stay fit and vital? Then healthy food belongs to a good work-out of a professional Online Personal Fitness Coach. They can explain everything about what nutrition does to your body and what you can attention to. Most Personal Fitness Trainers on CallTheONE are nutritionists and you can take advantage of that.

Lifestyle guidance thanks to an Online Personal Fitness Coach

Do you have a lot of sedentary work or do you prefer to lie on the couch than to walk in the forest? A short Work-out can mean a lot for your body, but do not forget that your lifestyle can also make a big difference. Together with your Online Personal Coach you can discuss where you still have points for improvement or where you might have to slow down.

The Benefits of Fitness Training via online video chat

Regular training with an Online Personal Fitness Coach from a distance has various mental and physical benefits in the short and long term. You not only prevent unnecessary injuries, but you will also soon see progress in your performance.

Some advantages of Online Fitness Training at a glance

  • Weight loss or more muscle mass
  • More energy and optimism
  • Sharper of mind
  • Healthier skin
  • Longer life expectancy

Nothing stops you from calling your first Online Personal Trainer today via CallTheONE. Try it and who knows you will never want anything other than Fitness Training via a Live Video Connection.

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