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TheONE opens a whole new world of know-how.
Search for any expert and have direct contact 24/7 via live video chat.

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pay or get paid per minute
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Create your own profile page

You know more than you know. So start sharing your expertise or skills and make other people happy. Whoever you are, wherever you are. It's fun & it's easy. Profile yourself & start earning or learning.”yourname”


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Add as many expertise
as you want

Don't be shy. You don't have to be a professional at everything. Sometimes a good advice can come from a very experienced person.

the easiest way to earn money
with your smartphone - or online

Get TheONE in your pocket and call or be called from anywhere.

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Set any price per minute

Every minute you offer your services you make money. Don't charge to much as you won't get called. Don't charge to less as you probably are worth more than you know.

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Manage your availability

Probably you don't want to get called in the middle of the night. Together we're available 24/7.

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Call or be called via live video chat

Get or give assistance on a distance. Just try it, the first minute is free. Of course it's possible to turn off your cam, but isn't it cool to talk face to face?

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sharing screen on app

Screen sharing while calling

Yes, it can be very handy to show your screen from mobile or desktop. Both the caller or the ONE who is called can share their screen if wanted. The easiest way to sell products from site or to share your great presentations.


In app/site messaging

We understand that sometimes people are afraid to call instantly via live video chat. Therefore we enable people to first sent you a message via our in app/site messaging feature.

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messaging menu
get messages &
via notifications

mutual ratings
& reviews

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Quality assured

One of the ways we assure the quality of our community is by mutual rating after each call. Help others to find the right qualified expert by sharing your experience.

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call me
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callback feature

Don't worry if you can't pick up a call.
We feature a "call me back" to the caller when you refuse the call or are unable to answer.
With "call me back" you can call back on the callers cost.

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Place a request on the map

If you have a request related to a specific location, you can place a request on the map. All users in the area will be notified.


Profile yourself directly on your own site

Every expert can profile themselve(s) at their own site.

Easily embed your profile including the “call me” button within some simple piece of code.
We’ve got a few lines of html code for you to do the magic, or if you’re more comfortable with Wordpress, we’ve got you covered as well.

Companies with a certified label can show every colleague/expert on their site. Giving a great overview of who to call for what expertise.

Get more calls, let your audience know you’re available via live video.

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embed on html
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no advertisements

We don’t like ads on our platform.

create your
own community

and earn

earn money by doing almost
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We’ve got various ways to promote yourself, your community or TheONE and
offer you a revenue share for doing very little. Take a look at how we all can benefit...


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Join the ONE platform. Real people - Real knowledge.

You know more than you know. So share your expertise or skills and make other people happy. Whoever you are, wherever you are. It’s fun & it’s easy.
Profile yourself & start earning.

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TheONE believes we can all share knowledge with another. But it doesn’t have to be for free. By paying per minute we can gain any expertise we need instantly. And the first minute is always free. Why pay your lawyer an hourly rate for 1 simple question? Why hire a plumber if you can do it yourself within minutes with some assistance?

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