Makeup techniques & tips from professionals

Makeup techniques & tips from professionals artists, and enthusiasts who are online to remote support you with your makeup via live video calling. Ask your question while talking face to face and get instant answers from inspiring people.

The best makeup techniques & tips from professionals

Ask professionals for the best makeup techniques & tips via TheONE. Makeup is being used for more than thousands of years. From the Egyptians, Incas, and Japanese geishas, ​they all used makeup.

The variety and possibilities of makeup have grown enormously over the centuries. Certainly in recent decades. That makes choosing the right makeup more complicated and requires good advice.

Makeup has different applications. It can accentuate your most beautiful contours and hide a pock-skin but is also used in films for special effects.

The most common applications for makeup are:

  • Accentuate eyes, mouth, nose, lips, cheeks or your jawline
  • Conceal of irregularities or traumas
  • Special effects for movies or theater

What should you pay attention to when purchasing and using makeup

First, you must know for sure that the makeup does not contain substances that you are allergic to. Besides, too much makeup can suffocate your skin, which can lead to various unpleasant side effects. Makeup professionals from TheONE can instantly tell you more about this.

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When buying makeup, also pay attention to price/quality and color

  • Price/quality ratio: This determines the color intensity and durability of your makeup.
  • Color: It is different per culture, but some colors fit better with a specific skin type than others do.

Make up artists

A makeup artist is actually an artist in the field of makeup. From extravagant makeup for a party or special occasion to make up for a photoshoot, the makeup artist always has a special creation.

Some makeup artists like to work with themes and make the most beautiful creations. Others are also skilled in body painting. Makeup artists are also used for film and theater performances because they know what spotlights on your face can do.

A make up professional can do more than makeup

You can ask a makeup professional about more than just makeup. Many work together with hairstylists and clothing stylists, but they also often have a feeling for this.

Because you can see each other while calling via CallTheONE, the makeup professional can immediately give the right tips and advice. The first minute is free, and then you pay as long as you let the conversation last. If you have other questions, you can also ask a general beauty and health specialist.

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