Future Friendliness Info Graph for Businesses

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mindblowing facts about future friendliness

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Ben Steenstra
Ben Steenstra
I'm the ONE co-founder of TheONE
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Co-founder of TheONE
Amstelveen ,  Netherlands
Languages: German, English, French, Hungarian, Dutch
startups missie visie mission vision strategy strategie leadership new business entrepreneurship communication leiderschap team building ondernemerschap public relation
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Bart van Hattum
Bart van Hattum
$ 1.68 PM
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Government of Rotterdam ,  Netherlands
Languages: English, Dutch
startups innovation innovatie lean startup idea idee mbti leerdoelen bepalen persoonlijke ontwikkeling hybride werken
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Donny Mackenzie
Donny Mackenzie
$ 2.72 PM
I'm the ONE Business and Information Technology Experience 20 + Years
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Hlavní město Praha ,  Czechia
Languages: English
startups starting business startup kickstart biking computer hardware it architecture configuration it support information systems evaluation servers ict strategie it for small businesses it strategy installs business development
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Charlotte Lines
Charlotte Lines
$ 1.12 PM
I'm the ONE who is here to support you
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Professional Remote Freelancer
Council of the City of Sydney ,  Australia
Languages: English
startups coaching travel entrepreneur growth restructure plan mentorship coaching personal growth work life balance listen self-awareness career time management mental health
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Robel  G Michael
Robel G Michael
$ 0.28 PM
I'm the ONE that offers customised and personalised consultancy. NO SOP
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Vienna ,  Austria
Languages: Dutch, English, Italian, German
startups relationships financial advice business development consultancy dutch italian amharic event cooking
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