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We at TheONE are more than the developers of this social networking platform. Our background is strategy, coaching, (online) marketing, SEO, SEA, and communication. Some of us have been an entrepreneur, author, speaker, strategic sparring partner, back end developer, Motion Graphic Specialist, or a combination of these for decades.

It is our mission to share knowledge

What unites us as a team is the urge to share and let share knowledge. Initially, we do this by letting TheONE grow. This allows us to share our own knowledge through blog articles.

In our blog, we write about four topics within our expertise.

1. Business coaching

Knowledge in the areas of leadership, entrepreneurship and management We also write about topics such as how to start a startup and how to get investors on board or how to build a strong team are discussed.

We have gained this knowledge through more than 20 years of practical experience, attending a variety of courses and reading and even writing books.

2. Personal coaching

The personal coaching section is about how you can unleash the maximum potential of yourself. These are topics such as communication, stress, time management and emotions.

We also write about purpose in life. This is because we do everything from our intention to contribute to a more beautiful world for everyone.

Personal development and purpose are very important to us. We believe that companies grow if the people who work there grow. And if you want to grow somewhere, then let it have a purpose.

Strategic marketing professionals with expertise in coaching

In the past 25 years, coaching has always been a central theme within our team. As well for ourselves as for the client and of course for the employees.

Most of us have been certified coaches for a long time and use these skills as strategic sparring partners for various national and international entrepreneurs.

3. Marketing & communication

Because marketing has always been - and still is - our shared passion for us, we like to write about subjects such as online marketing, SEO, branding, events, design and, of course, online and offline developments in the field of marketing.

We still do a lot of projects for various nationally and internationally oriented clients. These are advertising campaigns, app-, and site development, SEO strategy and implementation and strategic guidance.

4. Live video calling

For the past eight years, we have been working as a team at various locations around the world. Until now, most communication was via Skype. Now, of course, we do that via TheONE. When we got the idea to develop TheONE, we did a lot of (market) research. This made us not only an expert by experience but also an expert in the field of video calling. Of course, we like to share that knowledge with everyone via short blog articles.

We also implement custom video calling solutions for enterprises. In doing so, we use the same technology we developed. The video call applications can stand alone or work together with TheONE.

TheONE is always accessible via video calling

Would you like to ask one of us a personal question? Call us for free via the live video calling function.

Have fun reading and sharing articles is always allowed!

The team of TheONE

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