Making and repairing things yourself can save a lot of money, but you have to know exactly what you are doing. For example, if you connect your power wires incorrectly, this can have major consequences.

Thanks to TheONE you can now do all the jobs yourself with the support of an experienced remote handyman. For everything you don't know you can contact handyman around the world via video calling. And what one handyman does not know, the other knows.

With the help of the handymen at TheONE you have all the expertise to do odd jobs, repairs or install equipment safely. You pay per minute for as long as the call lasts and the first minute is always free.

Being a handyman yourself is a nice hobby, but where can you go if you have a lack of knowledge? Calling in a specialist entails high costs and searching the Internet for hours does not always offer a solution. In that case, you can contact a handyman 24 hours a day at TheONE. They answer your questions instantly and you can continue with what you were doing.

At TheONE you will find electricians, wood and metal workers, CV fitters, plumbers, painters, furniture makers, stucco workers and so on. Thanks to the live video connection, they can watch you on location and see what you are doing.

Handymen available 24 hours a day

You can never know everything yourself. Get the right expertise if you need it. Most handymen are on TheONE for their hobby and also have a permanent job. That makes them very affordable and because you paid per minute it is fun for everyone.

These are the benefits of handymen on TheONE:

  • Always the right expertise in-house when you need it
  • Cheap and available immediately
  • Video calling so that the handyman can remotely see what you are doing
  • Installations, repairs, maintenance or building something with the expertise of a professional
  • Safety due to the supervision of an expert

How can handymen on TheONE help you?

Because there is so much expertise to be found on TheONE, no question has to remain unanswered. You can go to TheONE with all your questions. From the construction of a new garden shed to the assembly of an IKEA cupboard

These are topics for which you can turn to TheONE handymen:

  • Installation and repair of Electronics and the installation of electricity
  • Construction and maintenance of a terrace, garden shed, deck, dormer window or garden fence
  • Construction and maintenance of kitchens and kitchen appliances
  • Construction and maintenance of bathrooms
  • Renovation and painting work
  • Lighting installation
  • Advice on DIY tools

If you have other questions you can always call a Handyman from TheONE. Because the first minute is free, it doesn't cost anything to ask if he can help you with anything.

Handy TheONE expert app for handyman

TheONE app for IOS or Android gives you access to all handymen from your Smartphone. That way you don't have to stay behind your computer and you can take the handyman wherever you go. The app is also equipped with camera sharing so show what you do and the handyman gives you advice.

Ben Steenstra Ben Steenstra
24-03-2021 3 mins read
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