Advice from a handyman, builder or construction professional

Get instant advice and help from a handyman, builder, or construction worker from a distance thanks to the live video calling at TheONE. Find your plumber, carpenter, mechanic or other professionals, call and you will get direct help. Fast, simple, affordable, and efficient 24 hours a day.

Get advice from a handyman, builder or construction worker

How do I repair my heating, or how do I connect the dishwasher? Small questions that can take a lot of time to find out on Google or the so-called DIY websites. A handyman, builder or construction worker at TheONE is online to answer your questions instantly via a live video call. Without additional costs, you can have direct contact with plumbers, carpenters, mechanics, and other professionals. You only pay per minute for the time that the live video call lasts.

The professionals and hobbyists at TheONE have all the knowledge you need, and if one person doesn’t know, you call someone else. Need help with a repair, an installation, or with your heating or air conditioner? Call for advice or support at TheONE and have real professionals look along to solve the problem. Getting the help of a cheaper professional is almost impossible.

What kind of professionals can I find on TheONE?

At TheONE, different professionals offer to share their knowledge remote. For example:

  • (Interior) architects
  • Contractors
  • Electronics specialists
  • Electricians
  • Woodworkers and furniture makers
  • Carpenters
  • Masons
  • Kitchen experts
  • Bathroom experts
  • Air conditioner and heating professionals
  • Plumbers
  • Any handyman
  • Any other builder or construction worker

The best handyman for an affordable price instantly available

Because any professional handyman and woman can work remotely, they are cheaper than someone who has to come to your home. Has your air conditioner broken down or is the heating in need of repair? Request direct contact with the professionals on TheONE, and the problem can be resolved quickly. Even if you think your washing machine or lawnmower is broken, it may be wise to first ask advice from one of the handyman professionals at CallTheONE. Have the handyman watch via the live video chat and they will be able to see if they can assist you in the repair and fix it quickly.

What can a remote handyman do for you,?

You can ask help for any problem to be fixed you want. For example:

  • Help and advice on construction work
  • Advice on the installation of electricity
  • Help and consultation with the construction or renovation of your bathroom, toilet or kitchen
  • Advice on the design of your home
  • Advice and tips during a repair
  • Advice and tips for jobs in and around the house

At CallTheONE, you have all the expertise you need on one platform at your fingertips. Download the TheONE expert app and on-demand you can have direct contact wherever you are via live video.

Need help when assembling IKEA furniture?

IKEA furniture is practical, but then you have to be put it together first before you can use it. Any Professional handyman or woman at TheONE will help you remotely assemble IKEA furniture. You pay per minute as long as it takes and the moment you end the call, then the payment automatically stops. And the first minute is always free of charge.

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