Overcoming addiction support

Overcoming addiction can be very hard without the support of professionals or people who overcame addiction already. At TheONE, you can instantly contact a remote helper via live video calling about help or questions you have.

Support for addictions is essential because it has a direct impact on your life and lifestyle. But it also has an impact on the people around an addictive person. This is why an addiction helper is immediately available. You only pay a small amount per minute to get answers or help. And you choose when you stop the conversation.

Why contact overcoming addiction support helpers?

People who know about addictions, addiction support, and addiction problems offer their services at TheONE. It's the simplest, cheapest, and fastest way to understand addictions.

Overcoming addiction support can be of help in many ways. For example:

  • Targeted advice on request to get rid of your addiction
  • Avoid paying unnecessarily much for therapy
  • Get instant contact with addiction helpers and professionals
  • Talk to experts by experience for more information
Improve your quality of life with the help of a life coach
Ask for coaching or advice via live video calling
24/7 available in 130 countries
Pay per minute and the first minute is always free

Need instant support to overcome your addiction?

The first step in addiction is to acknowledge that you have an addiction. After that, a possible treatment of addiction can take place. At TheONE, you can instantly call via live video calling with any helper of your choice.

A large part of the people who are addicted often fall back into their addiction. Therefore it is essential to have someone who can help, coach, or support you during this process.

TheONE specialists who have experience with addictions and remedies for addictions are beneficial. Therefore choose an addiction helper or coach that you think can be of good service to you.

And if you have chosen an addiction coach who can't help you well, just select another TheONE who can help you.

Different kind of addiction can be cured

There are many different kinds of addiction. Each addiction requires a different treatment process. Experts and helpers at TheONE can offer you addiction support so that you hopefully get rid of your addiction as soon as possible.

There are several addictions that an addiction coach can support you with, such as:

  • Drug addiction
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Tabacco addiction
  • Game addiction
  • Gambling addiction
  • Sex addiction
... ...

Overcoming addiction helpers can support you with your specific addiction. They facilitate the process and support you to not fall back into your old habits or addiction. Have you chosen the right ONE? Then press "Call Me" to get in touch.

How do you recognize addiction?

There are several symptoms that can manifest when you have an addiction. Symptoms may vary by type of addiction. The most common addiction symptoms are:

  • Lying about how much someone drinks, gambles, smokes, etc.
  • Fewer social contacts
  • Money problems (possibly also stealing)
  • Difficult and little sleep
  • Sweating and being restless
  • Being easily irritated
  • Problems at work and being late
  • Depression and listlessness
  • Memory loss
  • Loss of time
  • Red eyes

Denial and shame in case of an addiction

One of the problems with an addiction is that the person usually has to go through a denial phase first. After that, if the person acknowledges that he is addicted, a whole period of shame often follows. The person tries to solve his problem on his own and finds out time and time again that this doesn't work. These relapses cause even more shame, which only makes the problem worse.

The denial phase in case of addiction

During the denial phase, the addict will lie about the amount or frequency of his negative behavior. The person will claim that it's all right and that he has everything under control. Unfortunately, the person is often really convinced of this.

There is no point in arguing against this. The person will have to see for himself that his behavior is disproportionate.

Shame phase in case of addiction

Once the person acknowledges that he has an addiction, the shame phase begins. Usually, the person's addiction already makes them less resilient, making the shame even more intense. In the first instance, the shame is to the near environment. The person feels like a weak person but will claim that there isn't really such a big problem.

Shame is also often mentioned in order not to follow addiction therapy. The person does not want others to know anything about his problem for fear of being rejected or even fired.

Questions about the addition of a relative or friend

If it's the first time you come in contact with a person who has an addiction, you might have many questions. Call an expert by experience to get informed about the dangers and possible treatments.

Some addictions might not be as harmful as you think, and others can cause serious problems. The myth that you are addicted after only one joint, for example, is entirely untrue. Be well informed by calling via live video calling with an expert at TheONE.

Research into the cause of addiction | Bruce Alexander

In 1980, Professor Bruce Alexander was curious why 20% of the American soldiers sent to Vietnam became addicted to heroin. 95% of them had been rehabilitated on their own when they returned home.

He decided to give a rat in a cage two options. He could drink from a bottle of water or from a bottle of heroin. Within a short period, the poor rat only chose the heroin bottle, which eventually killed him.

The second experiment Alexander performed had the same setup with the same choice, but this time, he changed the cage. Instead of a dull square cage, he creates a playground with corridors, tunnels, and mills. A kind of amusement paradise for rats. He also added other rats so that the rat could play with other friends.

The result was that some rats tried out the bottle of wild heroin, but that remained at 1 or 2 times.

The conclusion Alexander came to was that the environment has a significant influence on addiction. That's why he did a third experiment. Again, he placed some rats in a dull square cage. There was nothing else to do but choose between the bottle of water or the bottle of heroin. Within a few days, the rats were addicted again, but after 57 days he transferred the rats to the cozy play paradise.

Because all addicted rats were rehabilitated within a short period, the theory that the environment has the most significant influence on addiction received a lot of support from experts.

Call an addiction helper via TheONE expert App.

With TheONE, you can have professional addiction support in your pocket. Download TheONE expert app and press the "Call me" button of your helper if necessary. You'll get the answer you need right away without spending hours in a chair behind your computer.

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