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A life coach for an instant consult is easy to find at CallTheONE. If you are stuck in your relationship, dealing with burnout, depression, feeling insecurity or fear, there is always a life coach with whom you can make instant contact via live video calling. You can also contact them and ask for their services for career coaching or other self-improvement related help.

Personal Life Coaching Professionals

Life coaching is for many, the most common thing in the world. You do not have to be ill or have a mental disorder to ask for the service of a Life Coach. Certainly not if you want on-demand contact via live video calling at CallTheONE.

Life coaches have a passion for bringing out the best in you. For some, this has become their profession, and other Life Coaches offer their service as a side job.

What kind of services do life coaches offer?

There are many services that life coaches have to offer. For instance:

Improve your quality of life with the help of a life coach
Ask for coaching or advice via live video calling
24/7 available in 130 countries
Pay per minute and the first minute is always free
... ...

Within the different fields of Life Coaching, there are all kinds of sub-areas. For example, specialized Burnout coaches or within sports coaching there are injury coaches or exercise coaches. All services to develop a better version of yourself can be offered by a Life Coach.

How does remote contact with a Life Coach via video calling work?

Life Coaches are instantly available via CallTheONE via live video calling. You pay per minute or a pre-agreed price, so you control the budget. Life coaches are located all over the world, so you know for sure that there is a Life Coach who speaks your mother tongue.

What can you expect from a Life Coach?

  • Help about (mental) problems you encounter
  • Help to improve in the field of nutrition, health, sports or relationships
  • Help with money and lifestyle
  • Prevent a burn out or becoming overstrain
  • Learn how to take responsibility
  • And many more

No long waiting lists for life coaching or therapy

The life coaches and therapists at TheONE have no waiting lists. You can contact them directly for your questions or treatment. This prevents you from being stuck with a problem for unnecessarily long periods of time.

Always the best Life Coach via CallTheONE

At CallTheONE, there are many different Life Coaches available to service you. Because of the diversity in skills and personality, you can always find an online Life Coach that suits you best. Scan their profiles and find the best match. The first minute is free, so don't hesitate to call now if you are in need.

Personal Life Coach service tailored for you

You can also translate the name Life Coach as Life Support. This is not someone who knows everything better, but someone who listens to you and helps you with your requests by asking and giving advice. This way, you get new insights or knowledge that will help you to take the next step.

Personal support is customized people work and therefore always tailored to you. That's why Live Video Calling helps because if you see each other, it's easy to build a personal bond.

Business solutions for employee life coaching

TheONE offers companies the opportunity to create a coaching pool where employees can choose their coach. You select the desired coaches, send an e-mail invitation to the employee, specify a budget per employee, and we take care of the rest.

Including insightful reports on progress and costs. Read more about the solutions for employee coaching here.

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