Google Adwords support

Advertising on Google is cheap, profitable and essential in a good online marketing strategy. But you have to know how to advertise on Google. Because it's not difficult, but if you don't advertise in the right way, it's better to spend your marketing budget in the pub. Below we will explain the basic principles, but by calling via the live video connection with a Google Ads expert you get all the support and ins and outs you need to know to get the most out of your Google Ads.

Google Adwords support

In the first years of its existence, Google did not want to allow advertisements on its search engine. This is because the founders Larry Page and Serge Brin have always wanted to show the best and therefore most relevant search results. Advertisements are often not relevant and so they didn't want them on their platform. This was until they had found a way to show relevant ads to users. This solution has led to Google Ads and this philosophy forms the basis of correctly advertising on Google.

However the world of Google can seem pretty complicated, so get direct Google Adwords support from an expert via live video calling.

Why do advertisements on Google have to be relevant?

Google's basic principle is that the user gets the best answers to his questions. Smart Google advertisers try to mislead users with a different offer than they actually give. For example, if you search on washing machines, in some cases you might see an advertisement for a fabric softener in your search results. In that case, the advertisers have bought the keyword 'washing machine' and hope that they accidentally click on their link and make a purchase. This may seem smart, but Google is doing everything possible to prevent this from happening. If you are looking for a washing machine, there is little chance that you are looking for fabric softener. Google's algorithm will always find out and punish you for it.

Google always wants to show the best results for the user.

Google's product is to deliver the best search results. Anything and anyone who doesn't contribute to or detract from it is damaged - in the eyes of Google - their product. A logical choice and extremely important to know when you are going to advertise on Google.

Can Google block advertisements?

Google always looks at the relevance of your ad and if it is not relevant, Google can take a number of measures. The easiest measure is to reject the advertisement. They do this first by means of an automatic algorithm, but if you protest against the disapproval, a physical person will look at it and assess whether you comply with their policy.

They can also decide to show the ad much less, only in certain areas or only to certain people. When you create an ad you have to specify these criteria, but Google reserves the right to change or ignore them altogether. A third measure is to increase the cost per click or the frequency someone sees the ad in the search results.

How to make a good Google Ads ad

The essence of a good advertisement is that you offer a relevant product to the right target group. Advertising with ice cubes on the North Pole is not relevant and will not be accepted by Google or it will be made very expensive. The same goes for trying to sell sand to inhabitants of the Sahara.

Deception is not allowed on Google

Google hates deception. If you advertise with a phrase like "the best remedy for any skin condition" or "the best-selling wine in the world" when it isn't at all, Google will take action against it.

Be precise in your keywords and target group

Of course, you want everyone all over the world to see your ad. But the more accurately you tailor your ad to your target group, the better it will perform. Therefore, make sure you know exactly who your target group is and where they are located. It is also important to know the interest of your target group.

Choose the best keywords

When advertising on Google, it is important to choose the right keywords. If you are a coach you may be inclined to choose the word coach, but that's also what a few thousand other coaches have in mind. In other words, this is an expensive word and difficult to rank at the top of the list. If you are a burn-out coach then that is already a cheaper word. And the words "Burn Out Coach in Barcelona" would be the best if you are based in Barcelona.

Advertising texts in Google ads

The most important thing, of course, is your ad texts. They should be short and clear and tell as accurately as possible what you have to offer. But they should also seduce the right target group to click. Google measures how long someone stays on your site after a click on your ad and if this is too short your ad will score less well because Google shows it less.

Continue to advertise on Google

Google needs time to learn to whom the advertisement should be shown at what time. Providing baby diapers in the middle of the night is less effective than a natural remedy for sleep deprivation. Give Google time to learn what works best for your ad. This usually takes a few days to 2 weeks.

Do you want Google Adwords support on how to advertise on Google from professionals at TheONE? Call now and get the best advice for maximum results.

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