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TheONE Webinar is free for everyONE with a story to tell

Host a free webinar with up to 3,000 attendees to share your story and knowledge or promote your business. You share, we promote for free.

Giving webinars was never this easy

Start sharing your knowledge or promoting your business for free

Sharing what you know or promoting your company to a large audience via a live free webinar has never been easier

Giving webinars<br />was never this easy

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The biggest audience of webinar enthousiasts

the biggest audience of webinar enthousiasts

Our community is waiting for your stories Reach out to thousands of interested people at TheONE for free

With TheONE Webinar, you can reach out to all our members who are interested in your topic for free. Sign-up, create a webinar and we will let our community know about your webinar. Instantly reach out to thousands of people who love to hear what you have to say.

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TheONE Webinar on smartphone and laptop

live & online - no installations required
TheONE Webinar<br />on smartphone and laptop
a webinar in 3 simple steps

1. tell what you want to talk about

My webinar is about

the simple things in life that make you happy

2. ask a fixed fee, a price per minute or give a webinar for free

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3. share the subject, time and date with our community and your own network

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Never an empty stage

We make sure your webinar is always a success

Giving a webinar can be exciting, but how do you know if there are enough people registering? On TheONE Webinar you can indicate the minimum number of people that need to register in order for the webinar to take place. And this way, all your efforts will not be in vain.

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Offer as many webinars as you want

For a fixed price, a price per minute or for free

TheONE community has such a diverse interest that there is always someone who wants to learn something from you. That's why you can submit as many webinars as you want that we bring to the attention of our community for free.

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Anytime, anywhere, whatever you want Share, earn or learn

We all want to grow

Together we know more than ONE and TheONE is here for you to share or gain knowledge. Be part of an ever learning audience. Our community offers a wide range of interesting and versatile topics. The topics range from online marketing to hobbies and from life coaching to travel and more. Choose your favorite topic or start your own webinar for free. Everyone can do it because everyone knows something about something.

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everyone can share with many

No technical skills<br />or moderators needed

No technical skills or moderators needed

We've skipped all the fancy features leaving the easiest interface.

No distractions, so you can concentrate on your presentation.

You don't need moderators or co-hosts

You don't need moderators or co-hosts Present the easy way

TheONE is making it easy and free to host webinars. You don't need moderators, co-hosts or complicated technical knowledge. Participants can ask questions during the webinar and you can see them clearly on your screen so you can answer them if you have the time to do so.

Screen sharing makes it easy to show your presentation and, if you want, you can temporarily hand over the microphone and camera to someone else. This way, there is real interaction in the group that you can easily control.

share & interact the easy way

Start sharing your screen Start sharing your screen Start sharing your screen

Share your screen and presentations

Get your message across

TheONE user Jesse Larson Can you tell some more on step 2 please? Easy interaction<br />with your audience

Easy interaction with your audience

Clear overview of raised hands & short scannable questions

the easiest way to get promotion

Get promotion in advance with your teaser video

Get promotion in advance with your teaser video

Promote your webinar for free on TheONE community

You can easily upload a teaser video and we will make sure that it is brought to the attention of our community. This is a free-of-charge promotion to a truly interested audience.

Only share afterwards<br />if you're happy

Only share afterwards if you're happy

Happy with the result? Share your webinar on social

After giving your webinar you can choose to save it, share it or sell it online at TheONE for any price you like. This way even more people can benefit from your knowledge.

Webinar yoga

Share your knowledge about

Yoga, meditation, a healthy lifestyle, weight loss, or more...

Teach others how to live healthy, how to practice Yoga or how to meditate. Or maybe you know a lot about how to lose weight. People are waiting for someone like you with knowledge on topics like this. Share your knowledge on the topic you know a lot about during your webinar and give your audience the inspiration they ask for.

Beauty webinar

One-on-One follow ups Get calls afterwards and earn more

Participants can also call you before and after the webinar with questions via a live video connection. The first minute is always free for the caller and after that you will earn per minute as long as the conversation lasts. You pre-determine your fee per minute when setting up your profile within TheONE.

TheONE webinars share with many

theone webinars share with many

TheONE community

theone community share 1-on-1

one world - we can all be of value for another
one world - we can all be of value for another

dare to share it's easy, fun and free

share your knowledge about computers

Share your skills about

IT & Electronics, Computers, Software, and more...

Now you can share your knowledge about computers, electronics, software or IT solutions with a large audience. Show how to do or solve something remotely and fascinate your audience with what you know. People like to learn, and with your free or paid webinar you can share all your insights with the audience.

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Share TheONE Webinar

share your passion, your story

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Share your expertise & monetize your webinars

Life coaching, business coaching, and more...

Are you a coach, someone with great life experience, or a do you have a life story to share? Maybe you know all about fixing a burnout. Or maybe you can tell us something about how to start a startup. People from all over the world are looking for solutions and answers to their questions. With your webinar and thanks to TheONE, you can reach out to these people and engage with them in what you have to say. You can choose to monetize your knowledge by asking a fixed price or a price per minute. You can also decide to share your knowledge for free.

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Give online lessons like

Guitar lessons, language lessons or math

Online learning is booming. By giving a webinar you can share your knowledge remotely with a group. Teach people how to play an instrument like the guitar or teach them a new language like Spanish or English. You can also start a math tutor class or teach any subject you like. Jump into the world of online learning and start earning when, where and how often you want.

Woman teaching on TheONE Webinar
TheONE Webinar guitar lessons

everyone can share with many, just try it

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