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The roots of Ayurveda come from India and it’s been said that Ayurveda exists already for more than 6000 years. The belief is that wise men gathered information about war, politics, and life and put them into 3 books called Vedas. If you translate Ayurveda it means: (Ayur = life, Veda = science or knowledge). Nobody knows what happened to the other 2 books and people believe that only 80% of the knowledge that was originally written down about Ayurveda is also lost.

When the English conquered India they banned Ayurveda and tried to destroy all written ancient knowledge. This might be the reason why so less knowledge is left.

The fundamental of Ayurveda is to stay or become healthy and use the full potential of the body and mind. The basic guiding principles of Ayurveda are:

  • The mind and the body are inextricably connected
  • Nothing has more power to heal and transform the body than the mind

Traditional Ayurveda treatments make use of 100% organic medicines. This is also one of the main reasons why Ayurveda is not common within Europe or North America as regulations often don’t support the import and sales of 100% organic medicines. The law supports that pharmaceutical companies need to make use of preservatives.

Another fundamental of Ayurveda are the 3 doshas. Bases on your physical, emotional and mental characteristics you are 1 of the 3 or a combination of them. Ayurvedic doctors believe that imbalanced dosha causes diseases. By bringing your natural dosha back in balance the disease can be cured.

  • VATA Dosha: mostly energetic people
  • PITTA Dosha: mostly calm people
  • KAPHA Dosha: mostly patience people

To learn more about your dosha you can visit chopra.

Instant contact experienced Ayurveda professional via live video chat

To learn more about Ayurveda you can instantly contact the Ayurveda professional via live video chat at CallTheONE. You pay per minute for a consult and the first minute is free. Ayurvedic specialists can help you among others with:

  • skin problem like psoriasis
  • mental problem
  • blood pressure issues
  • weight loss
  • feeling energetic again
  • eye infections
  • and much much more

Instantly call an Ayurvedic specialist via Live Video Chat and ask your question. They know more than you know.

Prakash Inbasekar
Prakash Inbasekar
$ 0.22 PM
I'm the ONE Tat sails, as ships r safe in the harbour,but that is not what ships r made for
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softwre Consultant
Brussels ,  Belgium
Languages: English, Hindi
ayurvedic vegeterian veganprotien mindbodysync organicdiet mindfullness long distance relationships personality building laughter theraphy sucide prevention wellness pranichealing organic sport food protien vegan diet
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Soumyadeep  Dutta
Soumyadeep Dutta
$ 1.12 PM
I'm the ONE I'm the one who can guide you out of your issues
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Assistant professor
Surat ,  India
Languages: English, Hindi
ayurveda health routines electronics engineering group studies technical writing telecommunications homeopathy dieting diets for diabetes heart cholestrol control hair fall control immunity control diet physics math mathematics
Soumyadeep will be available in 10 hours 3 mins
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Julia Blohberger
Julia Blohberger
$ 1.12 PM
I'm the ONE who likes to integrate awarness and a healthy lifestyle into everyday life. I strive to help you to tap into your inner world and become aware of your inner teacher ‘your soul’ through awareness practices looking at nutrition, lifestyle and physical exerc
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independent Ayurvedic Consultant & Yoga Teacher
Government of Amsterdam ,  Netherlands
Languages: German, English, Spanish, Dutch
ayurveda ayurveda ayurvediclifestyle ayurveda ayurveda amsterdam essential oil amsterdam worldwide yoga mindfulness
Julia will be available in 13 hours 32 mins
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Anna Somos
Anna Somos
$ 0.37 PM
I'm the ONE from Budapest, Hungary
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Budapest ,  Hungary
Languages: English, Hungarian
ayurveda makeup skin care style homemade lotions physical activities yoga wellness life style iyengar ashtanga vegetarian diet vegetable fruit
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Csaba Jakab-Peter
Csaba Jakab-Peter
$ 0.06 PM
I'm the ONE who tells you where to invest your money who gives you health advice
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Sfantu Gheorghe ,  Romania
Languages: English, Hungarian, Romanian
ayurveda ayurveda herbs permaculture vegetarian food ghee investing cryptocurrency cryptocurrency investments
Csaba will be available in 13 hours 32 mins
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Ambika Sharma
Ambika Sharma
$ 0.37 PM
I'm the ONE who can help you change your life
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artist, writer
Government of Amsterdam ,  Netherlands
Languages: English, Dutch, Hindi, Spanish
ayurveda ayurveda ayurveda poetry parenting stress management counseling weightloss changinglife art therapy meditation mindbalance weight loss vata kapha
Ambika will be available in 14 hours 32 mins
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Mariana  Leon
Mariana Leon
$ 0.09 PM
I'm the ONE soy de personalidad reparadora, por lo que tratare de ayudarte en todo hasta llegar a los objetivos, tu logro tambien sera el mio :)
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psicologa comunicacional
Mexico City ,  Mexico
Languages: Spanish, English
ayurveda productos naturales organico remedios caseros regresar a la raiz psychology coaching coach terapeuta psicologa terapist vegan body superfoods awarness
Mariana will be available in 20 hours 32 mins
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Garima Naidu
Garima Naidu
$ 0.11 PM
I'm the ONE from Government of Rotterdam, Netherlands
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Government of Rotterdam ,  Netherlands
Languages: English, Hindi
ayurveda home remedies yog prayanam relationships yoga meditation prayanam plant based diet rotterdam architecture architecture hindi design
Garima will be available in 1 days 0 hours 2 mins
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Fazil Fayaz
$ 0.17 PM
I'm the ONE from Wardha, India
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Wardha ,  India
Languages: English, Hindi
ayurveda ayurveda biology geology business creation english hindi urdu english lessons
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