Learn effective communication from a specialist

Learn effective communication skills, get tips, and advice from a specialist on the importance of effective communication.

Nowadays, more and more companies employ a communication officer who takes care of all communication activities. But what if your company doesn't have this? Then there is a good chance that you or your colleagues and/or employees will take up the communication activities. Since communication has a wide range of activities, this can lead to a lot of extra work, problems and possible (extra) costs if it is not carried out correctly, for example, due to the lack of communication skills.

Learn effective communication from a specialist

At CallTheONE, there are several experts ready to provide you with communication advice and can give you various communication tips. You can, as it were, have your communication expert directly at hand, because you are only a click away from the marketing communication advice you want. Press the "Call me" button to contact the communication specialist of your choice. You can select the most suitable communication specialist based on your criteria. And the best part of this concept is when you are not completely satisfied with his or her communication advice, you simply choose another communication specialist who can help you out.

Forget Google and call a communication specialist of your choice!

How to learn effective communication is something you can search for on Google, and you can also spend many hours watching relevant YouTube videos. This will take you a lot of time and effort. However, why not call a real communication specialist via live video and directly receive the communication advice you need. So what can you expect from a communication specialist at TheONE?

  • Fast and targeted answers to your questions about communication
  • Concrete and targeted marketing communication advice and communication tips
  • Possible cost savings by not having to hire an expensive communication agency or manager
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In need of real effective communication advice? CallTheONE!

Nowadays, we live in a world that is becoming more and more digital every day, and so is our communication increasingly taking place online. Employing a communication specialist is something more companies cannot escape from. It may become even more important to have someone at your fingertips who knows exactly how to respond to the communication challenges. But what exactly does a communication expert do, and do you need a communication course or training to learn this? A clear answer to what the work of a communications specialist entails is difficult. But it is something in the vein of the various communication flows within a company to align or bring supply and demand in the field of communication together. For this reason, the work of a communication advisor can be compared to that of a service provider.

Effective communication advice, what role does it play?

In general, a communication advisor can mean the following within your company:

  • Drawing up, assessing the communication policy/communication plan to be implemented within the company
  • Formulating the communication strategy to be implemented, and making an inventory of the wishes, expectations, and requirements of the customer, client or target group
  • A communication specialist can contribute to the formulation of and compliance with the communication policy and/or the communication plan
  • Putting communication central within a company, a communications manager can give advice on communication mix and solutions, more specifically on matters such as positioning, image, the tone of voice, target group determination, (social) media expressions, corporate and brand identity, press releases, etc
  • Drafting market and competition research, making proposals to appeal to new target groups and/or to open up new markets

If you already want to learn more about the art of communication and the basics of effective communication, then check out our article on how to communicate effectively.

An effective communication specialist can help you out at TheONE

Choosing the right CallTheONE expert for communication advice is very important. A communication specialist, for example, has a different specialism than a marketing advisor. A communication expert has a wide range of activities, with which she/he can be of service to your company in various areas. The advantage of TheOne's guidance is that the communication specialist can provide you with advice at any time without an extremely high price tag in return.

Are you looking for qualified communication specialists who can provide you with real communication advice? Do not hesitate and call "TheONE experts" to provide you with the necessary communication advice!

The great thing about the CallTheONE concept is that you pay per minute, so you will never pay more than the answer is worth. With CallTheONE, you can get in direct contact with a communication specialist who can help you with your questions. Otherwise, you might spend hours searching the internet for an answer to your question.

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