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Programmers who present themselves at TheONE are immediately available for questions, tips, advice, or a development job. If you are looking for support when writing a program or if you want to have software developed, contact them and thanks to the Live Video connection you can instantly see who is on the other side of the screen. The first minute is free so that you first know that you have called the right person with the right knowledge. Then you automatically pay per minute.

CallTheONE gives you an overview of programmers who can write software code in different languages. You may be writing a program yourself and getting stuck on something. Then a short and inexpensive conversation with a programmer is the solution for you. Programmers at TheONE can also write a completely new program for you. Most do that only remotely. That is why you can easily reach them via the remote video connection .

Programmers on CallTheONE | They have this to offer:

Programmers often master different programming languages. And one developer has a preference for servers and databases and the other for website building and small applications. Ask exactly what you need to see if the programmer can and wants to make what you ask for.

These are common programming languages on TheONE

  • Go programming language
  • PHP programming language
  • Programming language C
  • C # programming language
  • C ++ programming language
  • Java programming language
  • JavaScript programming language
  • Python programming language
  • Ruby programming language

Note: HTML is not a programming language but a layout building tool for websites. Programmers who only use HTML can claim that it is a programming language. Programmers do not always agree on this among themselves.

What can software developers do remotely

Most software developers work remotely and are immediately available for larger or smaller programming jobs. They can provide support to solve a bug or to develop a sub-application.

Remote software audit

Software developers on TheONE can perform a software audit remotely. They will analyze the code of a site or application and assess whether the code is well written and documented. They can also advise and/or help you to improve your site speed.

Carelessly written software is like a book whose pages are not in order. You can't make a story out of it and only the author knows what the book is about. If you want to work with more than one programmer on the same code, this always causes problems and bugs.

If code is not documented, it takes a lot of time for a new programmer to understand how things work. If a change is made within a sub-application, the new programmer does not know if it has consequences for other parts of the software.

Remote bug fixing

If something within your site, your software application or your server is no longer working, a software developer may try to fix the problem. He will have to read himself in first, but when it comes to small bugs in, for example, HTML code, this is usually not much work.

Create a functional design remotely

A functional design describes which functions a site or application contains and how they work. A functional design is often also the input for a technical design. Usually, functional designs are made in cooperation with someone who knows a lot about user interaction.

This is because for a functional design you need to know a lot about the so-called back-end and not about how users should interact with the software or site. That, in turn, is the expertise of an interaction designer.

Creating technical designs remotely

Every software application and site needs a technical design before you start. This avoids unnecessary work. You also avoid having to change everything afterward because something small has to be changed.

Building a software application or site without a technical design is like developing a modern car without a design. Then you ask for problems. Software developers at TheONE can remotely create a technical design or collaborate on this.

Creating connections with other software or site remotely

Software developers can create connections with other software or sites that allow information to be processed automatically. Entering information manually increases the chance of errors and is a slow process.

Automatic links ensure flawless data transfer between two sites and/or applications.

Common problems in software and site development

If you start developing a site or software sooner or later, problems almost always arise. This usually has nothing to do with the quality of the software developer. Often it is due to communication and interpretation. Most problems are caused by:

1. No clear briefing

The programmer may decide how certain functions work and there is no document of requirements and approved functional and technical design.

Example: The button "send order" is at the very bottom of the page and you have to scroll through all kinds of promotions before you see the button. A programmer can't know if this is right or wrong. This should have been predefined by the client.

2. Extra features cost a lot of time and money afterward

If extra or additional functionalities cost a lot of time and money afterward, this is rarely up to the software developer. If you ask for a Ferrari the programmer will interpret this as if you want a fast beautiful car. If you then ask for 10 tons of cargo, the design is not suitable for that.

That's why it's very important to have very clear beforehand what exactly you want, why you want it, and what you might want in the future. With software, everything seems possible and buildable, but just like when designing cars, clear choices will have to be made.

Example: You ask for a site with lots of images of products, little text, and big prices. After going live, you find out that both your customers and Google (because of your ranking) would like to see a lot more text. This has never been taken into account in the graphic and functional design. This means that input fields have to be created, the database has to be modified and the graphic design has to be completely different.

3. Problems with software and site development

It is always difficult to agree on lead time for software and site development. This has to do with a number of factors on which the developer has no or minimal influence. Factors on which a software developer has little influence are:

  • Moment of delivery and the quality of the graphical designs
  • Intermediate changes of client
  • Quality and speed of other developers within the team
  • Quality and quantity of the delivery of required information and content
  • Quality and documentation of existing software and/or site code

Programmers on CallTheONE | How does that work?

All programmers at TheONE work remotely and use the Live Video connection if you want to get in touch with them. Even if you want the developer to come and strengthen your programmer's team, they probably will tell you that they work remotely. Because programmers from all over the world have registered on TheONE, it can sometimes even be impossible to work on location.

Programmers on CallTheONE | The advantage of screen sharing

Programmers can share their screen via TheONE. This allows them to show remotely what they have made and how it works. If you have written a complicated code yourself and are unable to make it work, screen sharing is useful to let the programmer look along with you at your programming code.

Programmers on CallTheONE | What else can they do than development?

Many programmers are also very skilled in blog and website tools such as WordPress, but you can also ask them to write a data expert or import module.

Usually, they also know a lot about IT and Electronics or internet problems. Ask your question and usually, your computer problem is solved quickly.

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