Kitchen & BBQ masters

At CallTheONE, you can get tips, advice, and recipes from kitchen and barbecue masters from all over the world. You can call via a live video connection and ask all your questions or prepare a meal together. It is more fun and faster than a cooking book because you speak to someone directly.

Learn to cook from someone from the country of origin

Via CallTheONE you can learn how to cook a dish from someone from the country of origin. Learn how to make a Thai dish under the guidance of a real Thai cook, or a traditional Nepalese curry with the help of someone from Nepal. Learning from a specialist has never been easier. All dishes from all over the world are now within reach at the push of a button.

Why learn to cook with a remote cook?

A local cook will teach you the habits and customs of preparing a traditional dish. If you make pizza with the help of an Italian pizza chef, the local specialist can tell you exactly how he does it. And while you're in touch via the video connection, you can ask any questions you want. That way, you can learn faster and cook according to the traditions of the country.

You can also specifically look for someone who has a particular way of eating or making food, such as a vegetarian cook.

How much does cooking with a local cook at a distance cost?

Via CallTheONE you pay per minute and the first minute is free. What you pay depends on who you call, but usually, it's only a few cents. The cook offers its services because they want to share their knowledge and traditions. The amount is therefore often more symbolic than that they want to become rich from it.

Some famous chefs can be contacted via TheONE

Several famous chefs can be contacted via TheONE. Some of them can only be reached to a limited extent because they have a busy job in their restaurant. Other kitchen and BBQ specialists are sometimes completely unknown or cooking only as a hobby.

Learning from a BBQ master

BBQ is one of the oldest ways to prepare a dish. In recent years the BBQ has become more and more popular again due to the different TV programs. It is discovered that you can cook with a BBQ in a much more varied way than just grilling a piece of meat.

BBQ masters know the tricks of the trade and are happy to give you tips and advice via the video connection. They can also give advice on buying a new BBQ or how best to clean your BBQ.

Cooking is more fun when you do it together. So call a cook now and start making delicious dishes right away.

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29 BBQ masters available
  • Jan de Vos
    Program Manager ICT
    US$ 1,79 pm
  • Jonas Nyberg
    Resturant owner
    US$ 0,94 pm
  • Loriette Itholeng
    Helping Others
    US$ 0,50 pm
  • Frank Guerrero
    Cooking teaching
    US$ 0,25 pm
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