The different types of BBQs

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There are different types of BBQs, each with its advantages and disadvantages. It's a matter of taste, habituation and depending on which method of preparation you prefer, which one is most suitable for you. Below they are explained one by one.

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What is a charcoal barbecue?

The charcoal barbecue is the most famous and widely used home garden and kitchen barbecue. They are usually small in size and easy to clean. You prepare dishes by using charcoal, briquettes, or a combination of these to give your meal a delicate smoky taste. Some people like to sprinkle special barbecue herbs on the charcoal or briquettes for a little extra flavor. With a charcoal barbecue, you have an open fire right under your dishes.

The advantages of a charcoal barbecue

  • For lovers, the most significant advantage is the smoky taste.
  • They are easy to clean and are available within any budget and in numerous designs.
  • You have a direct heat source under the dish that can reach very high temperatures.

The disadvantages of a charcoal barbecue

  • It takes a while for the charcoal or briquettes to reach the right temperature.
  • Some people are annoyed by the formation of smoke that can take place

What's a kamado barbecue?

Kamado barbecues are egg-shaped barbecues that are usually made of ceramic. You can see a Kamado barbecue as a more luxurious version of a charcoal barbecue where more cooking possibilities are possible. They are also quicker on temperature, you can more easily regulate the temperature, and they can burn themselves clean.

The advantages of a Kamado barbecue

  • You can easily control your temperature
  • Also a Kamado gives a smoky taste to the food
  • Because of the ceramics, the barbecue hardly gets warm on the outside.

The disadvantages of a Kamado barbecue

  • Usually kamado barbecues are relatively expensive
  • It takes practice and experience to make the most of all the possibilities for preparation.

What's a table barbecue?

A table barbecue can use charcoal and briquettes, but there are also electric versions. They are made of metal or aluminum single-use trays that you can throw away afterward. Table-top barbecues are always portable and therefore, easy to take with you wherever you go.

The advantages of table barbecues

  • They are very affordable, handy and can be used anywhere thanks to their size.
  • Usually they're ready for use immediately. Lighting and the BBQ can begin.

The disadvantages of table barbecues

  • Due to their handy size, they usually have a tiny grill surface.

What is a gas barbecue?

Gas barbecues work exclusively on gas. Usually, this is an external gas cylinder, but some models can be connected to the gas grid. This makes it easy to regulate the temperature in the same way as you do with a traditional gas cooker. There are small models, but also large gas barbecue cooking islands. They are easy to use but require a little more cleaning after use.

The advantages of a gas barbecue

  • Almost immediately you have the desired temperature, and the barbecue can start.
  • It's just like cooking in the kitchen, but then in the open air
  • There are luxury gas barbecues

The disadvantages of a gas barbecue

  • The more extensive models that offer more cooking possibilities can be costly.
  • Most gas cylinders are enormous, not beautiful to look at and take up a lot of space.
  • Many people miss the authentic smell and taste that charcoal and briquettes produce.

What is a smoker?

A smoker often has a gas connection, works on charcoal and briquettes or a combination of both. Smokers are used for cooking meat or other dishes at very low temperatures, making them very tender. They have an indirect heat source that usually emits heat via an inlet. Indeed, the use of herbs within your heat source has an even more significant effect on smokers.

The advantages of a smoker

  • Smoker can add a very intense smoky flavor to your dish.
  • Smoker are robust and many think they look tough
  • You can prepare your dish in different ways

The disadvantages of a smoker

  • It takes a while for a smoker to reach the right temperature.
  • Cleaning can be labor-intensive

What's a pellet barbecue?

Pellet barbecues do not use gas or coal, but compressed wood as a heat source. Thanks to a built-in fan, you can blow air past the smoldering pellets and add various smells and flavors. Pellet barbecues usually have a beautiful design and many different cooking options.

The advantages of a pellet barbecue

  • You can always start barbecuing right away without any preparation.
  • Simple temperature control
  • Easy to clean. Some may burn themselves clean.

The disadvantages of a pellet barbecue

  • You depend on a power supply.
  • Pellet barbecues are relatively expensive.

What's the best way to clean a barbecue grill?

A commonly used method is to put the used grid one day in a garbage bag filled with a good shot of ammonia. The next day, you can easily use a dishwashing brush to make the grill as new again.

Some people choose not to clean the grill at all and burn it clean the next time before starting the barbecue.

Are you getting fat from barbecuing?

Any food you overeat will make you fat. Especially when it comes to barbecues, we tend to eat more than we need. It is said that we consume 10% to 20% more meat when we are barbecuing. Also, many people like different sauces with meat and a nice piece of white bread is suddenly a barbecue delicacy.

A good, healthy barbecue doesn't make an impact on your weight, but the temptation to eat more than is right for you can be high. There are even vegetarian barbecue dishes that you have to eat a lot of to gain weight.

It is also customary in many countries to drink a glass of wine or beer at a cozy barbecue. You don't lose weight from alcohol, and too much alcohol can result in an enormous weight gain.

Is barbecuing dangerous?

There are relatively few serious accidents caused by barbecues. Because a BBQ can reach high temperatures on the inside and some can also reach high temperatures on the outside, caution is advised, and large or small burns occur regularly.

The most dangerous situations are caused by the following carelessness

  • Barbecuing under a low roof or low hanging branches
  • Use flammable substances to light coals or briquettes
  • Throw flammable substances, lighters or fireworks into open flames
  • Falling barbecues due to a soft or unstable surface
  • Children playing or drunk adults running into the barbecue
  • Barbecue inside
  • Tossing smoldering coals into the trash too early. Sometimes it takes 24 hours for the coals to cool down
  • Dripping many meat or fish fats on charcoal or briquettes, causes Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons that are absorbed into the meat by the smoke that can cause cancer. This causes Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons that are absorbed into the meat by the smoke. These can cause cancer.

Where does the word barbecue come from?

Nobody knows for sure where the word comes from. However, barbecues have indeed been used since time immemorial. One suggestion is that barbecue comes from the word baracbicu used by the Arawakan Indians. These Indians used to live in the eastern part of Cuba, and the word means "the sacred firebed". They also knew the word barabicoa which was a wood-burning stove for meat.

When the Spanish conquerors later adopted the art of roasting meat from the Arawakan Indians, they put wooden spikes through their meat. These spikes were called barbacoas.

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