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Coaches at TheONE are instantly available for your personal development. Do you feel reduced resilience, stress, fears or do you want more insight into yourself? Find the personal coaching profile that fits you best and call via live video chat. The first minute is free, so you can first feel whether there is a click between you and the coach.

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Sometimes you want to talk to someone who has no judgment. Someone who understands human nature and not only listens, but also can help you make the next steps in life. Sometimes by a question that makes you think about something you had never thought of. Sometimes with an insight through advice. Coaches are there to help you if you are stuck but want to make the next step.

A coach is specialized to bring the best out of you and to show the most beautiful aspects of you. Sometimes due to stress and nasty experience or other external factors you may be stuck or have a feeling of dissatisfaction. The Personal or mental Coaches from TheONE offer instant advice.

Who uses Coaching?

Anyone who knows that a huge potential can be released that is now unused, benefits from a personal coach. Just as a football coach does not have to be the best football player, a coach is not an expert in your knowledge or field. But through experience and training as a coach, he or she knows how to stimulate you to feel good about yourself again. Usually that also has a positive influence on your physical constitution.

Why can't you do yourself what a personal coach can do?

Some people seek help if they are confused with themselves or want to learn something and others first try it for themselves. There are thousands of books with self-help tips and you can try it out too. The people who opt for coaching notice that there is faster results, but you do pay for it. Fortunately, you pay per minute on CallTheONE and the first minute is free. This way you keep the costs under control and you never pay too much.

If you download TheONE app, you also have the advantage that you can call your personal coach anytime, anywhere via the Live Video Chat.

What kind of personal coaches are there?

Each coach has his or her own specialty and a few are very generic. The most common personal coaches are:

Each coach also has his or her own approach. Some believe in an approach based on NLP or Neuro Semantics and the other work completely intuitively. Therefore choose the coach that suits you best for the most optimal result.

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