The benefits of priming for lifelong vitality and success habits

Is it possible to wake-up every morning feeling vital and energized, knowing that a fantastic day is waiting for you - for the rest of your life? Do you want a formula for wanting to exercise and eat healthy every day? Do you want to “get what you want”?

You do? Great! All you need to do is - Priming!

Many successful motivational speakers like Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Vanessa Van Edwards and many others, discovered the power of priming. They use this method to help their clients to live a long healthy, and vital life.

You don’t need to pay thousands of dollars to learn how to ‘prime’. I can guide you and help you to learn this method.

What are the benefits of priming:

Priming is known to improve cognitive and behavioral response times. It helps decrease anxiety, stress, and depression It can be a strong study aid. You can alter your perception, emotions and actions Getting what you want in life

But first….

What is priming?

Priming is a method used in cognitive psychology in which a person is exposed to a first stimulus (picture or a word), then to a second related stimulus. The first stimulus affects the person’s response to the second – it “primes” their second response.

In layman’s terms - priming occurs whenever exposure to one thing can later alter behavior or thoughts.

For example, if a child sees a toy next to a red bench, they might begin looking for or thinking about toys the next time they see a bench.

Another way to define priming is the process or act (or habit) of taking time to adjust (prime) your thoughts and emotions so you can live your life filled with vitality and abundance.

How does priming work?

Priming is one of the unconscious ways our memories work when we’re identifying words, objects, tasks, or situations at hand.

Basically, what priming does, it activates a specific part of your brain, so you’re more likely to recognize something in front of you.


For example, look at the ball pit picture. Which color did you notice first? Maybe it was blue because it is your favorite color. However, if I showed you the color pink in advance (or priming you to notice things that are “pink”), it would increase the likelihood that you’d notice the pink balls first.

That’s why “where focus goes, energy flows” works every time.

This is also the reason why the “law of attraction” works. Well, one of the reasons.

Types of priming

You see the examples of priming every single day, and you might not even realize it. Whether you drive your car to work, take public transportation - it’s everywhere.

There are many types of priming, and many of them are used in today’s’ society, especially in advertising and politics.

  • Positive and negative priming
  • Semantic priming
  • Associative priming
  • Repetition priming
  • Perceptual priming
  • Conceptual priming
  • Masked priming

I will not bore you by explaining what all of the above primings mean and how they work.

But, for example, repetition and association priming play a major role in how advertisers construct their campaigns because a few well-placed associations, the right colors, and some repetition will sell just about anything. That’s why it’s used in print, voice, or video fashion.

Don’t believe me?

How many Apple products do you have? Exactly my point! In our household, we have 7 Apple products, by the way. And I own 60 pieces of various clothing pieces by the same brand. I will not mention the name, but it rhymes with Shpuma.

Politics is another great example of priming, especially when a politician tries to gain your vote.

The power of priming

When was the last time you were in a bad mood? Or were you stressed and anxious? How did being in that state of mind influence other parts of your life?

  • Did you feel like exercising?
  • Or eating healthy?
  • Or maybe you felt like practicing mindfulness?
  • Did you feel like doing something nice for your partner or your kids? Or doing something nice for yourself?

Nah, I bet the answer is ‘no’!

Very often, we feel like our thoughts, emotions, and feelings are beyond our control. I believe that we all have the power to learn how to change our mood, our mindset, and can do so in an instant.

How often do you ask yourself, “how can I change my mindset to become more mindful, more vital, happier, and healthier?”

How many of you gave up thinking, “this is the mood/mindset/life I have to live in”?

My mommy did exactly that. She gave up, and she got stuck in the negativity for the majority of her life. She primed herself to see her own home and her husband as a place of suffering and negativity. There wasn’t much we could do “good” while we were home. Once she was away from her home, she was the woman I knew was in there somewhere. Warm, bubbly, happy, funny, and full of life! The only time I saw my mom’s vitality coming through was when we were out and about. When she would visit me abroad, she would exercise and eat healthy every day!

Can I prime myself for negativity?

Using my mom’s life as an example - yes, you can.

When you “priming” your subconscious to see negativity, that’s all you will see. Unfortunately, negativity is all around us. You can hear it, read it, see it and smell it! There is no escape from negativity, so it seems.

My mommy believed that she was prone to unhappiness and sickness. And she was right.

Another example is some of my clients. Many of them come to me defeated after they tried dieting, expensive supplements, slimy detoxes, and even starvation - and the first thing they tell me is “I don’t believe I can lose weight! I have a lot of work gatherings that involve food and alcohol. So when I try dieting, I know I’ll fail!” And guess what! This person, in particular, kept failing her efforts losing weight. And then she came to me.

By the way, you don’t need to diet, or take expensive supplements or starving and depriving yourself in order to lose weight. I’m giving a FREE webinar about Diet-Free Weight Loss.

Many of us live with limiting beliefs that we can be “vital and healthy and happy” only if the outside world is doing what we want. And id the world doesn’t cooperate - yes, you guessed it. Each morning we wake up, priming ourselves for another shitty day.

When we allow the outside world to dictate our thoughts and emotions, we keep reacting to the stimuli (which is often negative). And we get swallowed by the negativity, our mindset deteriorates, and we take it out on ourselves and others.

We get the mindset of “If I feel bad, everybody should feel bad!

When we take responsibility for our lifestyle, thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions, we are truly mindful.

Start priming yourself to feel vital and healthy today with these easy 8 steps?

You can start by practicing mindfulness.

Many people have a morning ritual that includes priming to start their day. I have very early clients (5:30 am), so that doesn’t work for me.

Creating your own 10-15 minute habit or ritual that includes practicing mindfulness and priming. You can practice priming while you are eating your healthy breakfast.


Feel the chair you sit in.. Place both feet on the floor, shift your shoulders back, chest up, and hold your neck long and your head high.


By changing your breath, you change your state of being. My inhale matches the exhale. I inhale and exhale through my nose, the same count. Find something that works for you. Pay attention to how changing your breathing changing the sensations in your body.


This might sound silly and childish, but it works. That’s priming all about. If you prime yourself to see new opportunities everywhere around you, guess what you will see?


Gratitude is very often overlooked when we want to change our mindset. But being grateful is one of the fastest ways to shift our thoughts and emotions. Think of five things you’re really grateful for right now. They can be from your past, present, or future. Step into the first moment and picture it as vividly as possible, feel it. The more emotions you put into it, the stronger you will feel it. After about a minute, go to the second thing, then onto the next and next.

I know how hard it is sometimes to be grateful, especially on our worst days. You can make it simple. You can be thankful for your bed or somebody opening the door for you. Or a child’s smile. You can do this.


Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, this part is like a prayer or a blessing. I imagine warm strings of bright light coming down and filling up my body with whatever energy I need at that moment. Healing, protection, creativity - I invoke the presence of the Divine, and I let the energy wash over me. Then I ask this energy to flow to those who need it. My family and my friends, my neighbors, etc. It can be spiritual or not at all.

6. ASK

Now ask! You can ask for guidance, for health, courage, love. Or just ask to get what you need the most and leave it at that.


Now think about the five outcomes or goals that you want to achieve the most. These are things that will excite you, make you feel vital and content once they’re completed. What would achieving them feel like? Feel it to the fullest; use all your senses.

Place yourself in that position of having achieved that goal and celebrate that feeling of completion. Visualize how it will impact you and your loved ones. What could those achievements do for those around you? As with gratitude, go through each outcome one by one, fully experiencing the feeling of success.


Take as long as you’d like to reflect on all of the positive mindset shiftings. You are now primed to have a successful day filled with opportunities to get you what you want in life: vitality, health, success, and abundance. Stay in character and get out there to conquer the day.

Bottom line Whether you believe in priming or not - it’s apparent that this practice is not just hype or a fad – it has been proven with science and psychology.

When you learn how to condition (set and reset) your mood instantly, you’ll prime yourself for success. Every single day!

Train your mind - Train your body!

“The difference between peak performance and poor performance is not intelligence or ability; most often it’s the state that your mind and body are in.” —Tony Robbins

My full circle⭕️ approach will allow you to recognize the negative stimuli (negative conditioning) and how to purify and prime yourself for positive thoughts and emotions, experiences, and results for a lifetime of vitality and success.

You will learn how to guard what’s going into your mind and your body so you can ‘weed out’ unwanted stimuli.

I know YOU CAN! Do you?

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