6 questions to ask when you want to lose weight

Ok, let's talk about losing weight.

Losing excess weight will help your health and your self-esteem.

It can be tough to do though, but it's even harder to pull it off if you're not prepared. Or if you don't have a strong enough WHY.

Change can be difficult.

But you already knew that otherwise, you wouldn't be here.

6 questions to ask when you want to lose weight

Most of us have experienced very real and sometimes difficult challenges around trying to maintain any kind of change in the long run. It can be exhausting, especially if there is no 'instant' change. Struggling to lose weight is in the top 3.

These obstacles can come from an unsupportive spouse, or a lazy friend who loves (and prefers) you "just the way you are" or your lack of willpower. Very often, we blame our busy 'office' life or the endless parties we are invited to - those are the obstacles we all encountered. Or my favorite "I love food too much".

What can you do RIGHT NOW to start your journey to lose weight?

What can help to lose weight is setting realistic goals. Planning your moves and tracking your progress.

You can ask yourself these 6 questions.

1. What's is my motivation to lose weight?

Why do you want to lose weight? Because you saw a commercial? Because your hubby made you jealous (and feel like crap) by making googly eyes at a skinnier woman?

You will not always feel motivated, so you need a deeper 'why' to get you through those "I-want-to-give-up" days. You need discipline - you need a deeper WHY. Finding that deeper 'why' is my specialty.

2. Is this the right time to lose weight?

YES! Unless you are recovering from surgery or have other medical issues. Otherwise, the time is NOW. If you wait until "my cousin's wedding is done" or "my friend's birthday party is over" or "Christmas dinner" or "thanksgiving dinner", or "tropical vacation"…. or…..

You know what I mean.

There are always occasions where food is involved. Everything we do involves food. And if that's your mindset - you will never lose weight. Built-up a healthy relationship with food. I know it sounds harsh, but that's the truth.

3. Am I setting realistic goals to lose weight?

Ok, you can't lose 5kg in a week unless you are very, very sick (think malaria and such or losing a limb).

Aim to lose 0.5kg a week. That's healthy and realistic.

Remember, it took you a while to gain all that weight, and it will take you a while to lose that weight. Celebrate progress.

4. What actions will I take to lose weight?

If your plan is to skip dessert or "stop eating sugar and dairy for 7 days," you can throw in the towel now.

Weight management should address balanced nutrition, fitness, and EMOTIONAL HABITS.

It is a full circle!

When making a plan - be specific, eg: taking the bike to work, taking stairs, preparing healthy snacks...

5. What are my roadblocks to losing weight?

Think about what you're up against and brainstorm how you'll overcome any challenges. Are you tempted by the doughnut shop on the way to work? How about your favorite hotdog kiosk?

Consider changing your route.

Do you end up skipping your afternoon run or your exercise when you're 'running' out of time? What about when it rains outside?

To succeed in anything, anticipation is the key!

Leaders anticipate - losers react. Be the leader of your life!

6. How will I mark my progress when losing weight?

Please don't say, "I'm going to weigh myself every day!" Your body weight fluctuates every day between 0.5-1.5kg! Yes, daily, even hourly!

BUT - if you're stepping on a scale, be sure to weigh yourself at the same time every day.
The scale will not give an accurate picture of your progress.

Your weight doesn't always drop at an even rate. Hell, some days it doesn't drop at all! And if you're gaining muscle as you lose fat, it may not dip much at all.

A sign that you're likely doing well is if you're sticking to your plan.

Sooner or later, your clothes will feel looser, as your body is getting leaner and tighter.

Final thoughts Even slow progress is progress. Find a group of likeminded people who will keep you accountable. You don't have to do this alone.

If you want to succeed - you need to make a firm decision. A decision that leaves no space for any other outcome except the one YOU desire.

What helped me, as the leader of my life, is to sign a ‘commitment to myself' contract! It might sound silly; I give you that. But why don't you try it?

Sign the 'contract' and see what happens. Besides, contracts are legally binding.
So once you sign it - you are legally bound to succeed.

I know you CAN! Do you?

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14-05-2020 5 mins read
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