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How to pitch yourself in 5 steps

How to pitch yourself in 5 steps

Mon 7 Sep 2020
18:00 - 18:45
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By Rob
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this webinar is about

If you are an independent professional, you might find yourself now and then on stages that demand a proper introduction of yourself and your business. This is not easy for everyone. Studies show that people would rather die than speak in public. These kinds of thresholds don't help if you want to do business and by definition you have to show yourself. Simply because your identity is also an important part of your distinctive values. Fortunately, you can do a lot to remove barriers and improve your pitching skills. This webinar will teach you how to do this using a 5-step model.

for who is it

This webinar is ideal for people who want to be stronger in presenting themselves or their business. Especially people who, for professional reasons, have to convince others, customers for example, benefit from this webinar. The target group we focus on are small entrepreneurs, independent professionals, salespeople, knowledge workers, people working on their careers and people who need to convince financiers in a crowdfunding campaign.

What's in it for "the attendee"

People who participate get their hands on a 5 step-by-step plan. A road map. This plan, plus the explanation given, gives a strong hand reach towards self-reliance in giving a pitch and improving existing skills.

About: How to pitch yourself in 5 steps

you will learn from this webinar

You will learn how to outline your sales story into an elevator pitch in 5 steps. Easy and doable for every independent working professional. These 5 steps help you structuring your pitch story. When finished this you will be ready to enter any podium to unleash it for a public.

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