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Get remote online yoga lessons or yoga tips and advice via Live Video Calling from Yoga teachers from all over the world. Take lessons from a private teacher or learn in classes with friends from a remote Yoga teacher.

Online yoga courses from teachers all over the world

Online Yoga teachers from all over the world are here for you. If you are young, old, beginner or advanced, everyone can get Yoga lessons or courses from the online yoga teachers at CallTheONE.

If you do not have time to go to the Yoga class, you can now take the lesson whenever you want. Follow the lesson on your screen and get a lesson at a distance. This is how we combine one of the oldest movement exercises with the latest technology.

Yoga is the practice of mental, physical and spiritual actions and balances body and mind. There are many types and variations of Yoga and often these are combined with breathing exercises and meditation forms.

What is the advantage of online Yoga courses and classes?

  • You save travel time and (travel) costs
  • You do not have a subscription fee and you pay per minute as long as you follow the lesson
  • Yoga with your own private teacher where and when it suits you
  • Clear quality image and sound (if you both have a good Internet connection)
Remote yoga or meditation lessons via live video calling at your convenience
Book now your own private yoga or meditation teacher
1063 Yoga and Meditation teachers are available in 130 countries
Pay per minute only as long as the lesson lasts

Even if you've never done Yoga before, Remote Yoga lessons via live video calling is a good way to start Yoga. The professional Yoga teachers show what they expect from you and before you know it you are an experienced Yoga student.

You are never too young or old to start yoga

You can start yoga at a very young age, but even if you are already well over 90 years old. Yoga does not actually have an age limit.

The benefits of yoga classes from the teachers at CallTheONE

There are several - proven - benefits of Yoga that go for everyone. Online Yoga balances body and mind, but you will also lose weight and build muscle mass. Yoga has a positive effect on, among other things:

What form of yoga and which yoga teacher suits you?

Yoga has different forms and is practiced all over the world. Below is a list of the 5 most common yoga forms:

1. Online Ashtanga yoga In Ashtanga yoga strives to flow through fluid movements. Some people experience the lessons as heavy, but others are completely absorbed in their flow.

2. Online Bikram yoga This form of yoga is also called hot yoga as hot yoga is actually a variant of Bikram yoga. If you want online Bikram yoga then you need to have a sauna or heat a room to about 40 degrees.

3. Online Hatha yoga The most familiar form of yoga is hatha yoga where the emphasis is on the control of your body and your breathing.

4. Online Kundalini yoga At kundalini yoga, you get energy by combining spirituality with movement. The exercises are done very consciously, paying attention to your breathing. Your chakras and meditation will also be practiced.

5. Online Power yoga The name says it all and Power yoga is a form of yoga where you focus on muscle mass and a better physical condition.

The best yoga retreat locations

Many choose to spend a few days, a week or sometimes a whole month in a Yoga retreat. In small groups you will be taught yoga, healthy will be cooked, you will follow meditation lessons and take your rest to come to yourself.

Many of the yoga teachers at CallTheONE have been to one or more locations and are happy to share their knowledge with you through the Live Video Calling about their experience.

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