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About me

I like to see myself as a people connector. Project & campaign leadership in the field of marketing and communications best describes what I do. Transforming campaign ideas into actual successful campaigns, on time, within budget, while adding some future friendliness is what I enjoy most. Raised in a commercially oriented world where the grass is always greener on the other side, I started to believe that there should be more than just this rat race. After studies in Business Administration and International Management, I started afresh in this wondrous world with focus on marketing in all its facets. After fulfilling multiple positions at different companies I came to believe that earning money is a given, however there must be more than just that.

I like challenges and would love to help out and advice where needed... I would also love to show you my beloved Rotterdam and its wonderful surroundings. I am passionate about cars, sports, food and everything to do with design. Lets hook up and see if I can help you out.

And most of all... I love my family and the endeavours we encure!

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Ben Steenstra Amstelveen, Netherlands

cool guy

Ben Steenstra Amstelveen, Netherlands